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IRCTC - Get Started With IRCTC Quickly

This guide on IRCTC will help you get started quickly with online railway ticket booking and other Indian Railway Information. Official site of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ( can be overwhelming for first time users. Through this short and precise guide about IRCTC we aim to get you started with how to do booking on IRCTC e-Ticketing online reservation system fast.
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Note that for doing online railway booking you need to go to and not on or Many people aren't aware of even this fact which makes a case of writing a 'quick guide on getting stated with irctc' even more strong. So, Let's get started.

IRCTC Registration

In order to book railway tickets online in India using IRCTC's next generation e-Ticketing railway booking system, it is must that you have a userid and password to log into the system. Anyone who wish to do ticket booking or cancellation, must login. Logged in users are also able to see tickets booked earlier and can cancel them and see refund status. All in all, registration is an important step if you wish to take advantage of online booking. Many people are looking to buy railway tickets through internet these days due to lack of cash resulting from demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1000₹ currency notes. If you are one of them, the first thing that you should do is to become a registered member of IRCTC. You can do it now. Just follow the instructions to signup on irctc.

IRCTC Tatkal

Those who speak hindi, must know the meaning of the word 'tatkal'. It means 'instantly' in english. The term 'irctc tatkal' refers to a booking scheme under which a user can do booking if he wants instant reservation. Sometimes people don't quite do reservation in advance and hence all the seats get occupied by the time they try to do reservation. Under tatkal scheme railway keeps certain number of seats vacant which can be booked by people under tatkal quota later on, by paying higher reservation charges than normal. Most times when you search for IRCTC on google, the autosuggest feature also suggests 'irctc tatkal'. Most people search to find out the exact time at which tatkal booking starts. The reservation rules also keep chaging alongwith timed of booking, hence people want to find latest on irctc tatkal.

IRCTC Seat Availability

How will you feel if you have spend your precious time booking your railway ticket on, only to find out at the end of it that no seats are available, and hence the ticket booking process cannot be completed.? It will be highly frustrating. Also, it is highly possible during rush hours, that seats in other trains have also been accommodated during this time leaving you with no option but to either postpone or cancel the journey. The 'irctc seat availability' can save you from going facing such problem. While one can see the availability of seats (which are empty) at the time of doing booking, it is always wise to check out train with enough accommodation availability before you login to do ticket booking. It will also help you to do fast ticket booking by using 'irctc quick book' feature at the time of planning journey online. Thankfully, Indian Railway's has online facility/website where one can check the accommodation availability in any train online within few seconds.


Suppose you have just done booking of a railway ticket online, using computer or mobile app of irctc installed on your smartphone. While the booking is successful, the only thing that has happened is that you haven't got a confirmed ticket i.e. you have got a 'waiting list ticket' or 'RAC ticket'. These are called partially reserved tickets. Now your chances of getting a full seat or a confirmed reservation in train is subjected to status of accommodation in your train. If someone cancel their ticket, chances of your ticket to become 'confirmed' from 'waitlisted' improves. While the current status (waitlisted) is printed on a ticket that you have purchased from railway, how will you track if the status has improved? How will you know if the your waiting list number has improved or your RAC ticket is now confirmed?

The solution to above problem is "PNR Status". A railway PNR is a 10 digit number, which is unique, on each ticket. Using this number railway keeps record of a passenger. PNR (Passenger Name Record) can assume various status from the time when reservation was done upto the time of train chart preparation.

By tracking the PNR status of your ticket you can know your reservation status. You can check railway pnr status here.

IRCTC Train Status

Train status deals with timing and schedule of trains of Indian Railway. The IRCTC railway booking system does tell the arival and departure times of a train at various stations falling on its route when you book tickets online. Apart from IRCTC, Indian Railway also publishes its yearly train timetable. popularly known as 'trains at a glance' which can be purchased from railway ticket window located at railway station premises.

However, more than the regular or fixed schedule, people are interested in knowing whether or not their train is running on time or is late. This information can easily be obtained using national train enquiry system. You will just need your train number or train name and you can find out which is the last station train has crossed. It will also tell you the train departure time from the last station on its route and expectime of arrival at the next station.

IRCTC Train Enquiry

Many people are seen tyoing in 'irctc train enquiry' in google's search engine 'search box'. Almost 90 percent of them are looking for a telephone number where they can call and find some information about the train. For your information, you can enquire about any train by calling at "139" number. It is a toll free number for railway eqnuiry. Apart from the telephone number, you can find more about railway enquiry here

Indian Rail Info

Indian Railway is so much a part of life of Indian Citizens, that people are constantly looking to know about any latest information on railways in India. This include updates and info on new train announcements, schedule of special trains during festival season, alerts from ministry of railway regarding changes in fare or any other interesting information. While there are many sites on internet, both official railway sites and news sites, which constantly update on anything new related to Indian Railway, we recommend you to login to to get most trusted railway information from time to time.

With all the above information on IRCTC in your hands, we are hopeful that you shall soon be able to do railway ticket booking online yourself. It is easy and fastest way to get a railway ticket.


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