Do you want to book train tickets online faster? if Yes, than IRCTC eWallet is just for you. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) new eWallet payment option can be used by both users as well as irctc rail connect users for fast and secure online train booking.

What is IRCTC eWallet

eWallet is called electronic wallet. On IRCTC you can activate it by paying an upfront fee of Rs 50 online. After activating you can use your online purse (wallet) for doing all transactions involved in booking train tickets. The activation process is described later in this article.


Main Benefits of IRCTC e Wallet for Online Train Booking

These are some of the most important benefits you get when you opt to pay with irctc ewallet for railway ticket booking:
  1. You save online transaction fee charged by banks. This fee in India usually vary from Rs 8 to Rs 12 depending on the bank and is applied on every transaction that is executed while booking a train ticket.
  2. You save precious time. You are well aware of time wasted in logging in and logging out of bank website when you pay for railway tickets online. Sometimes bank website is shutdown and in that case you are unable to pay, and hence unable to book your train ticket. With IRCTC e wallet, you pay directly from your online wallet, hence successful train ticket booking is confirmed.
  3. Tatkal ticket booking using e wallet can be very advantageous as you get very small time window in which to book railway tatkal tickets.
  4. There is a direct benefit of safe and secure online transaction every time you use irctc e-wallet service instead of internet banking. This because a PIN (one time password) is send by IRCTC on your registered mobile number to complete the railway ticket booking process.
  5. On cancellation of  train tickets on IRCTC,  you get immediate refunds in your e-wallet. On the other hand it may take up to 2-3 business days for refund amount to reflect in your bank account when you use payment options other than eWallet.
You can learn more about other irctc payment options like irctc cash on delivery payment here. By combining the eWallet payment option with quick online railway booking you can book railway tickets in a jiffy.

Activating IRCTC eWallet

To register for IRCTC eWallet follow the steps:
  1. Login on IRCTC with your userid and password which you created during irctc registration process as a new user.
  2. Now in top menu find "IRCTC eWallet" option. Clicking on that you will get a option "irctc e Wallet register now".
  3. Now system will ask you for verification. You can verify by providing either PAN number or Aadhaar Number. After successful verification IRCTC will store your KYC information in their database.
  4. Next you will be asked to create a transaction password. This password used later on when you do other tasks related to your irctc ewallet account, like cancelling tickets booked through e Wallet, and while depositing money in wallet.
That's it. You eWallet is now active.

Depositing Money in IRCTC eWallet

You can deposit between 100 and 10000 rupees in your IRCTC eWallet for online railway ticket booking. The money deposited is non refundable. Here are steps for topping up your eWallet:
  1. Login to irctc.
  2. Choose option "irctc eWalllet deposit". You will find this option at left side in navigation menu.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and pay using one of the available payment options as shown here 
irctc payment

Using eWallet for IRCTC Online Train Booking

Once registered you can book railway tickets online easily as shown here. Follow the same process. At the end, when you have to pay money to finalize your railway ticket booking, you shall see that among the payment option you have IRCTC eWallte option for making payment. Make use of it.

You will need to enter the transaction password, which you created while paying for IRCTC eWallet registration.

irctc pay
If you have forgotten your transaction password, retrieve it:
  • Go to my account, my profile, followed by 'forgot transaction password' option.
  • Enter your registered email id and user login password.
  • Click on "Send OTP".
  • Enter and Submit this One Time Password (OTP) and submit it.
  • You will see options to provide new password.
  • Enter new password and confirm the same.
That's. Now you have all the the information regarding IRCTC eWallet and how you can book train ticket online using it on IRCTC website. 

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