Do you want to do fast tatkal booking online on IRCTC before anyone else? You can do it easily by using the ewallet (online bank of railway) as per instruction given below.

First have a look at online tatkal booking process and tatkal rules here. You will realize the need of why eWallet is good option while booking tatkal tickets.

As you are all aware, when tickets are limited and demand is more, every second counts when it comes to booking tickets. There are thousands of users all trying to grab a seat in train at the same time, trying out their luck on online passenger reservation system, well known as next generation reservation system, in hope of getting a seat.

There is much at stake since the failure to get a confirmed ticket will result in tour being cancelled or postponed for the next date when seat is available.  People do login on irctc with hope of booking tickets but most times either the ticket is unavailable or one gets a partially confirmed ticket with 'RAC' or 'WL' pnr status code.

If one knows the trick to reduce time consumed in, he will definitely have an advantage over the others of reserving a seat in train before it is claimed. Amazingly there is a trick approved by railway itself and it works 100 percent. Only thing is to use it.

IRCTC eWallet

eWallet is the rolling deposit scheme of IRCTC, and it works wonderfully well to help reduce the time spend while doing online railway ticket booking. Apart from IRCTC's own e-Wallet it also now supports third party electronic wallets like Paytm

eWallet pan card verification
registration in eWallet requires PAN card verification

What we call a trick, is actually a wonderful scheme started by IRCTC, online ticket subsidiary of railway in India. In this scheme one can completely wipe out the time that is spent while making payment for tickets purchased online. One can keep money deposited in online wallet and make payment from it at the time of checking out from reservation system. There is no need to select any bank for internet banking or using credit/debit card. Hence, the time that would have elapsed in completing payment processing transaction from payment gateway is saved totally.

The eWallet scheme has already been quite popular among the users. Perhaps this is the reason why IRCTC is hell bent on popularizing the rolling deposit scheme. As per Times of India, the leading newspaper, various steps are taken by IRCTC to popularize rolling deposit scheme.

Those who are still not familiar with the scheme and how to register in it and deposit their money, can read/download eWallet user guide.

Users should use their PAN card number in order to complete the registration. Once registered, the user will be given option to pay using eWallet at the time of making payment, as shown below.

irctc make payment by eWallet
make payment for ticket booking, deposit amount is also shown

IRCTC's eWallet is completely secure. The deposit account can only be accessed by using the transaction password. The password can be changed anytime, after depositing funds or after purchasing a ticket.

irctc change password
change your password often to keep your deposit in irctc ewallet secure.

Details such as list of deposits, deposit history, transaction history, all are made available online for the users 24 by 7 round the year.

General fast ticket booking tricks on IRCTC

There are many other tricks too that are useful in quick booking of Tatkal tickets on IRCTC. Since these tricks are applicable to all travel quota's, and not just Tatkal booking, we've mentioned them separately in - tricks for booking train tickets faster on IRCTC in one of the IRCTCloginIndia article.

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