To do train ticket booking using internet you need to have a verified account on IRCTC(Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation limited). Individuals can do irctc registration online, and there is no fees for it.  Agents have to follow different process.

Many individuals ask: How can I create new IRCTC ID ?

This infographic illustrates the complete process of signing up on IRCTC.  After successful registration one can book tickets of Indian railway on IRCTC website.

irctc registration infographic

IRCTC agents are people who are authorized by railway to do train booking on their behalf. They get Rs 20 to Rs 40 per PNR for booking a railway ticket. Their registration process is different and requires more stricter KYC norms and verification process.

In this video the process of registration is explained. It has old form, hence we recommend you to read the article till end. Although the steps are still similar. It will help you to do railway reservation online.

Before signing up for IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) make sure you have a valid and working phone number and email id. These will be needed for successful registration. 

The process explained here will suit laptop/computer. Those who don't have PCs and laptops follow the procedure of creating irctc account using mobile phones.

Steps for IRCTC Registration

Step 1. Go to this irctc registration page on next generation ticket booking website and click on "register" option in the top menu.

irctc registration page

Step 2: You will see a registration form as shown below. In this form there are three sections in which you are required to furnish details.

Section 1 - Individual Registration Details on IRCTC

  • username: Proceed by choosing a user name for yourselves. Username can be any string of 3 to 35 characters and can have only english alphabets and numeric digits. Keep trying different combinations till the time you see a green tickmark indicating that username is available. Choose username carefully as it cannot be changed once created.

  • password: IRCTC password should be minimum of 8 characters in length and maximum 15 characters are allowed. It must contain one numeric digit, one small alphabet, and one capital alphabet to qualify as valid password. Password and ID are mandatory to register along with any field marked with *.
  • Confirm password: Enter the same password again to confirm it. We recommend noting down your username and password at safe place. Its common to forget irctc password, user id after completing registration process.
  • Choose security question: IRCTC lists 8 questions. You can select anyone of them. Provide answer to the selected question. This steps helps in retrieving the login details in case you lost it later.
  • Preferred Language: IRCTC provides updates and information in English and Hindi languages. You select one language here as per your preference.

Section 2 - Enter Personal Details on IRCTC Signup Form

Name: Enter your first name. Middle name and last name are optional.

Gender: Select one among male, female, and transgender.

Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth.

Occupation: Select one among government, public, private, professional, self employed, student and others.

Marital Status: Choose of you are married or unmarried at the time of creating your new account on IRCTC.

Country: Country will be auto selected as "India" by default. But you can choose your country from the list of countries.

Email: Enter correct email id. This email id can be changed later on (before verification) through profile section.

ISD-Mobile: Enter mobile phone number. Make sure mobile number are correct.

Nationality: If you are citizen of India, select nationality as "Indian".

Section 3 Enter Address Details

This is very easy. You need to enter your address. Make sure you prove PIN code of your area, state, and city in which you live.
If your residence and office address are same select "yes", otherwise select "No" and enter office address

Make sure you enter correct details during registration otherwise your account can be suspended or deactivated. While you can reactivate your suspended irctc accounts later on, doing so again and again may lead to permanent ban on you, this disabling you from booking train tickets online.

Step 3: Accept irctc terms and conditions

  • You need to agree with terms and conditions that IRCTC has laid down. It basically says that you will comply with the rules regarding usage of their website and will also agree ti receive promotional messages from IRCTC and their associated partners
  • If you don't agree with terms and conditions you cannot continue with registration process.

Step 4: Click on "Register".

Now you are registered with IRCTC. When you register on IRCTC you also gets automatically registered with tourism corporation of irctc: In your email you will get welcome message as shown below.

irctc registration welcome message

Step 5: Activate IRCTC account.

  • While registration process is complete, you will still have to activate your newly registered account before you can use the services of irctc.
  • For new account activation, check your email and mobile. If you don't get reservation message you can get it again by using 'resend' button.
  • Note down OTP (One time password send by IRCTC).
  • Enter the mobile verification code and submit. There are also links given to change the mobile number and re-send verification code, in case you want to change your mobile number or you haven't received verification.
  • Similarly verify the email address.

irctc mobile verification

That's it! The "IRCTC Registration" process is now complete. You can go ahead to irctc login and look at the process of online train ticket booking. If you see message "confirm that you are not a robot" click ok.

Questions People ask often regarding registration on IRCTC

Q. How can I check my Irctc registration?

 Ans: Check your registered email and phone's inbox. If you followed all the steps for registering on  IRCTC, you should have got the welcome message (check your spam folder if you don't see it). Also try to login with your username and password. If that is successful, it's obvious that you are now member of Irctc.

Q. How can I recover my Irctc password?

Ans: It's easy, but proper explanation will be better. You can read how to reset irctc password that you forgot. if you have your ID and mobile you can reset it on mobile. Make sure you use your registered mobile only.

Q. What is the registration fees for Irctc?

 Ans: It's free of cost for individuals (non agents).

Q. Can I do cancellation online and how?

Ans. Yes, you can do cancellation of train tickets online. Follow irctc cancellation procedure for doing booking cancellation online.

Q. Can I do eticket booking in advance?

Ans. Yes, you can book e-tickets of  your train 120 days in advance from date of journey. Some trains don't come under this rule. For railway booking tips and tricks this website has plenty of material.

Important note: Never try to create more than one individual account on IRCTC. As per policy, every individual is allowed one and only one account on irctc. Attempting to create more than one account will lead to permanent suspension of a user.

For complaint redressal you send email on These days you can register your complaints, or rather bring it to the notice of concerned officials through social media. Just tweet your complaint  to official irctc twitter handle @IRCTCofficial.


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