A times train in India can be hard to get for journey not because of their complex schedule but due to problems in getting reservation done due to heavy rush. Indian railway online booking is therefore a much preferred way for booking seats in railway.

Before you can login and start booking seats, Indian Railway requires you to register to their official online ticket booking site irctc.co.in. IRCTC registration is a very easy process and we will explain to you how can you create an new account on IRCTC using your mobile phone/ smartphone.

Step 1.  Download IRCTC Rail Connect App (official railway app for online booking in trains in India) on your android phone. This app can be searched in Google Playstore, and it is free to use.

Step 2: Open the IRCTC Rail Connect App and Click on "Train Ticket"

Step 3: Click "Register" on IRCTC Connect App

Step 4. Start Filling the IRCTC Registration form:  You will need to fill all the fields shown in the form except for "middle name".

If IRCTC Connect app shows you notification and want permission to make and manage phone calls, allow it, by clicking 'Allow'. You will need to 'Allow' permission more than once.

Step 5. Create New IRCTC USER ID : We have already explained in detail about how to make new irctc used id. Here you can enter alphabets and numbers only. User ID on IRCTC can be max 32 characters in length. Your IRCTC ID must have a min 3 characters.

In the example above we have chosen 'DishaRailway' as userid (for illustration only).

Step 6. Create IRCTC login Password and confirm it:  Password must have at least 8 characters. Max characters allowed are 15. 

So that your password remaines secure after you make your new account on IRCTC, and prevent it from getting hacked, please make sure it has one Capital letter, and one numerical digit (a number) as well to make it hard to guess for anyone.

Step 7. Enter Name: First name and Last Name is necessary. You can skip middle name if you don't have one.

Step 8.  Choose Security Question and Answer it: This will help in recovering your IRCTC account in case you have lost it or forgotten IRCTC user ID or forget IRCTC login password.

Click Next.

Step 8. Enter complete address. 

Step 9. Enter Date of Birth.

Step 10. Enter Correct Mobile Phone number and Email Address : Make sure you enter working email and phone number here. All the messages, one time passwords from IRCTC, regarding your online railway booking details, and any train enquiry will be sent on these numbers.

Step 11. Submit.

If everything is followed correctly you will receive  following message from IRCTC on your phone and email address : "User registered successfully, Verify your email address and mobile number to enjoy our services."

Step 12. OTP Verification: Check you phone message and email. Both will contain a OTP. Note them down.

Step 13. Login to your newly crated IRCTC account by providing userid and password you submitted in the registration form. When you login first time on IRCTC, you will be asked to send verification OTP. See the screen below

Enter mobile OTP and Email OTP and click on "Verify User". In case you haven't received any of the One Time Passwords (OTP), you can get the same by clicking on "resend OTP".  Now what if that also doesn't work? You don't get a confirmation email. Than  you will have to follow the process explained here.

That's it! You are now successfully registered on IRCTC using your phone and IRCTC connect app. You can login anytime and go ahead and do booking in train online. In Indian railway online booking of a train can be done 120 days in advance for most trains.

Further you may require information on railway like info on tatkal, railway rules, charges and train schedule, you can login here to get all this information.

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