The IRCTC IPO has received great subscription and now allotment has been started. Those who are lucky enough to get shares in Initial Public Offering (IPO) are all excited as many experts are expecting bumper returns on the listing day itself.

Check Allotment Status of IRCTC IPO

If you applied for the IPO offer,  you can  check the IRCTC IPO allotment status now on  BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) official website. 

IRCTC IPO allotment status
specimen form to check IRCTC IPO allotment status

  1. To check the status of application click here and select equity in "Issue Type". 
  2. Next select "Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation" in the drop down list against the "Issue Name"
  3. Enter your application number.
  4. Enter Your PAN (Permanent Account Number) and hit "Search".
Your IPO latest status will be shown.

You can also do one time registration on NSE for  IPO bid verification. IPO bid details data is shown by NSE for 6 days after the issue closure date. This data can be verified by investor and in case of any discrepancy he can ask bank or broker through which he applied to make corrections. 

What Date/Time IRCTC IPO List on Exchange?

As per reports the IRCTC IPO has been subscribed 112 times. It will list on October 14, 2019 on exchange at 9:15 am as market opens.

With Indian economy slowing down due to global slowdown and lack of demand in domestic circles, one wonder whether it is a right time to hold on to allotted shares after listing on exchange, beyond the opening day.

If you get good profit, it will be wise to sell 75 percent of shares and pocket in the profit. Being a public sector company and that too with "Mini Ratna" status, the IRCTC counter is expected to do very well in future. This is where the 25 percent share you kept in your demat account will churm you profits. 

Upcoming years are expected to be good for Indian stock markets and quality counters like IRCTC will always give much higher returns than their market value.

Business of online train booking is is only going to grow with increasing Indian population and most of the younger population using online mediums for shopping and buying tickets. As per reports, due to the Indian government's Digital India initiative and the increasing internet penetration over the recent years, there are 892.3 million active users use internet for making day to day transactions in India.

Ratio of Shares Allotted in IRCTC IPO

IRCTC offered 2.02 crore share in its public offering, and it received 225 crore applications. Due to over subscription the maximum number of applicants who will get allotment will be decided by dividing the total number of share available for offering by the minimum lot size. In IRCTC case the lot size is 40. So divide 2.02 crore by 40, you get 505000. This number of people will get allotment.

What to Check immediately after IRCTC IPO listing?

  1. Check what is happening to share price in first couple of hours after listing.
  2. If you see people are booking profits, which you will know if stock price is coming down, and price is not recovering, book profits quickly.
  3. If you see price coming down and going up again and again and stock is maintaining its price, you can be little bit more confident in not selling off your entire allotment, and can continue holding them for bit more time.
  4. Ultimately check your requirements. Ask yourselves what you wanted when you applied for IRCTC IPO. If quick profit was the goal, book quick profit. If you trust in IRCTC and you don't have immediate money requirement you can stay invested for longer time.
Basically you have to check yourself how much money you want to make.  You can track the share on business websites and news channels. Beside online railway ticket booking, IRCTC also has tourism and catering business and it also now in command of India's first fully owned private train tejas express.

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