Tejas Express is the first fully private train of India to be operated wholly by IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). This train is special and tickets can be booked online only. To book your train tickets you need to go to either IRCTC and login at their website - irctc.co.in  or use rail connect app of Indian Railway.

There are many more private trains lining up. Although many railway employees don't like privatisation of Indian railway, it is believed that railway in private hands will only improve.

IRCTC Tejas Express
tejas express train privately maintained by IRCTC

With private corporation  IRCTC looking after the train the responsibility too is theirs. The responsibility mainly include providing safe and comfortable journey at cheap cost and world class experience.

In Tejas Express IRCTC is providing luxury facilities like: flight like foods, porter to pick up luggage from passengers home ( and than pick it from train at destination and again drop it at place of stay of  a passenger).

IRCTC also has many lounges and guest houses across India. The passengers of Tejas express will get to use the facility free of cost (almost).

Flexi-fare or dynamic fare scheme will be applied to the train. That is, the fare may change depending on number of available seats. Also, for the first time perhaps in history of Indian Railway, passengers will be compensated for train delays.

Passengers can claim compensation of Rs 100 in case train is delayed for a hour. If train runs behind its schedule by 2 hrs or more, compensation of Rs 200 can be claimed.
This was announced by railway minister itself via following tweet:

If you cancel your ticket after booking, the cancellation charges in the form of clerical charges will be less than usual.

Also there is 25 lakh free insurance for passengers onboard tejas train. That was your life insurance. What about your luggage? What about the things you left at home?  Good news: there is Rs 1 lakh insurance to cover the loss in case your luggage or valuables at home are lost, or thieves runaway with them.

Important to know that there is no tatkal quota available (see tatkal booking timigs here) for seat booking in this train. Also there is no premium tatkal quota. Hence, make sure that you book your tickets well in advance as seat availability might be the problem later on.

Unlike other trains, the advance reservation period for booking tickets is not 120 days, but mere 60 days for Tejas Express.

That's all there to India's first private train.

Enjoy your journey!

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