How to use NTES (National Train Enquiry System) of Indian Railways to  get status of running train. Using it you can spot your train within a minute.

Download Train Enquiry APP

First step is to download and install the app of NTES.
Here are links to official NTES app:

Spot The Running Status of a Train

Getting the status of running train is very simple. You will always get the live running status.

1. Open the app and enter either train number or train name in the box. For example, we have entered "Rajdhani Express" below.

train running status

Now if you know train number only 1 train will be displayed, but since there can be many trains of same name you need to select your train from the list.

2.Now select the station from the list of stations that is displayed. These are all stoppages of a train. You can select boarding station or arrival station from the list. In this example we have selected new delhi.

3. Enter your journey date, or date at which train boards or arrives on your station and submit. When you enter date NTES displays the status of train, as shown below

 As you can see that running status of train is shown as "reached destination". Also the name of the station at which train is standing and it's actual arrival time along with the minutes it is delayed is also shown.

4. If you are interested you can also see how the train is running from its source station. To do this click on "View Full Running". Doing so will display the arrival and departure times of a running train at various stations on its route. Along with actual times, the expected arrival and departure times are also shown.

status train online

Trains Arriving Shortly on Station

With NTES enquiry system you can also check which train are scheduled to arrive or depart from your station within few minutes (2 minutes - to up to 8hrs).

1. Click on Live Station tab.

live station enquiry

2, Enter the station name, minutes, and train types and click go. You will get all trains running from that station listed as shown below.


That's it. Now you have learned how to get the National Train Enquiry System display train status.

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