Unlike others, smart people like you use the national train enquiry system of Indian Railways to quickly get status of running train. You can spot your train within a minute.

Sometimes the train enuiry number 139 is out of order, and this is where Indian train enquiry, also known as "National Train Enquiry" comes handy for the people of the nation.


These days people tend to use railway apps to do all types of railway enquiry, It is so easy to find, using mobile, where a train has reached and when will be its arrival at a particular station. No doubt these are useful apps for 'on the go train enquiry'.

You must be wondering, with availability of so many good train enquiry apps to download - "What is the need of  Indian train enquiry system for finding train's current running status? "

It is a good question, especially when you have options like erail too.

Now we tell you secret or why should you use NTES. The reason is that it is the official system of railway. Other apps are just based on it. They themselves use the national  railway system at the backend to answer your queries. This is why while you get the latest live location and information of any running train, between any stations, important or not, on Indian Railway national train enquiry system, you get a slightly deferred or delayed information on apps.

Always use official NTES apps. Download NTES app for android here. For windows phone download windows NTES app here.

Also other apps don't update you when a train is suddenly cancelled, diverted or is postponed due to accident or weather conditions, for example, in winters there are many fog affected trains that railway postpone or reschedule their running on alternate routes.

The availability of information with slight delay can have important consequences on your journey. In fact, this could be the difference between you catching the train or missing the train.

Hence it is always recommended, and we also do, to use the official railway system for knowing the status of your trains.

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