To spot a train, especially the running train, can be a tough task. On there are hundreds of trains listed. Is there a way to track the current location of an Indian Railway train?

So often people are seen using their phone and dialing to railway enquiry office to know whereabouts of a train. While few lucky ones get the response in time, many people remain in dark (until now) about the location of a train as their call doesn't get attended.

Ministry of Railways has found solution to this problem. Now you can spot your train online using the National Train Enquiry System here. Go to ntes train enquiry for spotting your train now. It also provides latest information about a train i.e. along with its current location, you would also see whether or not it is on time or not. Hence you can get info about delayed/ cancelled/ suspended trains very quickly.

track your train on map now
It is not always easy to find out the position of each train on a railway route. Indian Railways cover a route of about 40,660 mi and there are about 12,617 passenger trains in its rolling stock. Railway authorities does a damn good job of operating these trains on time, though there are always few trains running late then scheduled time due to bad weather conditions such as formation of heavy fog. There could be other reasons too like track damage, accident, signalling system break down, etc.

But lets get to the point. All of you want to track the train location, Right!

Track Train on National Train Enquiry System

The best service of spotting the train and to get the running status is the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) website. It is designed and hosted by CRIS (Center for Railway Information Systems) and covers every aspect of running train information. You can find/ spot the train, see which trains are coming to/ or leaving from a particular station, which trains are cancelled, rescheduled, or diverted, as well as the updates about fog affected trains and list of special train is also available. All you need to do is to enter the train name or train number, and the system throws up the information about it. The mobile apps are also available for using this service and can be downloaded and installed on android and windows phones, alike.

Live Running Status of Train on Rail Enquiry website is another option for finding the current location of train. It is not as comprehensive as NTES, but maintains a database of quite a few number of trains and shows their position. This service works only when one knows the train number. You cannot just enter the name of the train and hope to get the train status. Below is the demonstration of it works. Here we enter the train number 12333 (Vibhuti Express) to find the running train status. The results that are thrown up as a result of submitting our query are shown in picture below.

running status of train
only partial result for train enquiry is shown here
One can see clearly that train has reached the destination currently. The stations are listed on route and if train was delayed and by how much time is clearly mentioned too.

See Running Train Location On Map by Rail Radar

What more better than to see your train on the map running around. This way one can virtually see exactly where a train is and one can also guess how much time it will take to reach some other point. RailRadar, a live tracker, which shows the movement of passenger trains running around in India. Most times the location and status of train is real time, though sometimes a deferred live status with a delay of about 5 minutes is shown to the user. It uses Google Maps as its web mapping software, The service is available from a website and mobile app.

Breaking News: As per Wikipedia "RailRadar is discontinued by the Indian Railways, starting 6 September 2013. The link to the RailRadar site (, now redirects to the National Train Enquiry System website. This step has been criticised by former RailRadar users and by the media."

Running train status on Mobile by Rail Yatri is awarded the number 1 travel app in whole of south east asia. It has created a record of fastest 7,50,000 app downloads and it also allows users, or "yatris" to connect will the fellow passengers. It's like the "swiss knife" of train travel. Apart from live train status it also provide facility to locate the platform on which a train will arrive, making it extremely comfortable for railway users to choose the right entry gate at railway station so that they can reach the right platform at right time. Downlaod railyatri app now. After installation don't miss out on following 6 features.

  1. GPS based live Train enquiry - includes map view.
  2. PNR Status – plus confirmation predictions.
  3. Time Tables - with Offline access, Platform numbers, Seat availability, on-time score of trains at stations.
  4. Coach positions, Seat Layout and berth layout for your upcoming journey on Indian Railway train coaches.
  5. Manage your trips – 1-click 'Refresh' icon on the header to add trip automatically via IRCTC SMS.
  6. Fare enquiry and fare calculator for indian rail travelers.
Rail Yatri is backed by community comprising of thousands of users. These people provide useful feed back and suggestions to the developers so that all the required features are integrated to the application. You can also participate in their online forum or leave comments in a blog to get your railway related queries answered. It's quite good and great way to show your rail wisdom.

Live Train Status By SMS 139

You can now send a pre-composed sms message to the rail enquiry number 139. SMS  Train {train number or name} to 139.  For arrival and departure SMS AD {train number} {Station STD Code} to 139. Or simply SMS HELP to 139 and follow the instructions received in the message send to you in reply by Indian Railway.

Thus you can see there are multiple methods available to do train enquiry in order to find the live running status of any train in India.

So what are you waiting for?

Use the solution above and start tracking the trains. Every train listed on can be spotted and tracked.

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