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There are hundreds of trains running currently. Checking the live train status is easy. If you have a train name or train number you can get information such as expected arrival time, departure time, train route, and which passenger trains between stations run on which days.

There are many options available to get online train status. You can also spot the train i.e. current train location, on your phone or computer, using online inquiry system of Indian Railway.

While express trains tend to be on time, many times even the faster trains like shatabdi expressess tend to arrive late than their expected time.

Suppose rajdhani express is running late, than what will be its expected departure time? The time of departure on your ticket is as per schedule (when train is running on time). That time is likely to change.

What if train is cancelled?   What is the new train route allocated by railway authorities for that train now? When train left its source station? Know all these by checking the live train status (online).

Live Train Status on NTES

NTES (National Train Enquiry System) is developed by Centre for Railway Information Centre (CRIS). Using NTES system you can check the status of a train online. No only that, those people who want to know their train cancellation status (whether or not their train is cancelled) can also use it. You basically have to just select the date, and enter the train number or train name. More on how to use national train enquiry system is explained here.

Open  Train Enquiry System and spot your train location.

Not only  get the train status live for any running train, you will also get additional railway information such as  the last station from which the train has just passed, whether the train is delayed or running on time, which trains trains are cancelled or diverted and are now running on new route.

track your train on map now

Indian Railways cover a route of about 40,660 mi and there are about 12,617 passenger trains in its rolling stock. Railway authorities does a damn good job of operating these trains simultaneously.

How to Track Train on National Train Enquiry System

NTES apps are available for both android and windows phones. You can download the NTES rail enquiry app and straightaway start tracking the IRCTC trains status. (the trains available for online booking on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation www irctc.co.in portal).

Live Running Status of Train on Rail Enquiry System

"Railenquiry.in" (a railway enquiry website) is another option for finding the current location of train. It is not as comprehensive as NTES, but maintains a database of quite a few number of trains and shows their position. 

This service works only when one knows the train number. You cannot just enter the name of the train and hope to get the train status. Below is the demonstration of it works. 

Here we enter the train number "12333", which is running on tracks currently, to find its status. See the railway live status that is  thrown up as a result of submitting our query in picture below.

running status of train
only partial result for train enquiry is shown here
One can see clearly that train has reached the destination currently. The stations are listed on route and whether train was late and if yes than by how much time it was delayed is clearly mentioned too.

Spot Running Train Location On Map using Rail Radar

What can be mire better than to virtually see your train on the map running around. This way one can  exactly where a train is and may be guess how much time will it take to reach the station.

"RailRadar" is  a live tracker which shows the movement of passenger trains running around in India. Most times the location and status of train is real time, though sometimes a deferred live status (with a delay of about 5 minutes) is shown to the user.

It uses Google Maps as its web mapping software, The service is available from a website and mobile app.

 As per Wikipedia "RailRadar is discontinued by the Indian Railways, starting 6 September 2013. The link to the RailRadar site (railradar.trainenquiry.com), now redirects to the National Train Enquiry System website. This step has been criticised by former RailRadar users and by the media."

Get Running train status on Mobile

What is mytrain app to get the live status of train?

NTES app is the official app. But there are others too. For example, "Railyatri app" is awarded the number 1 travel app in whole of south east asia. It has created a record of fastest 7,50,000 app downloads . It also allows users, or "yatris" to connect with the fellow passengers.

This is one of the rare apps on which you are able to locate the platform on which a train will arrive. This makes it extremely comfortable for railway users to choose the right entry gate at railway station. 

This app mainly has following 6 features:

  1. GPS based live Train enquiry - includes map view.
  2. PNR Status – plus confirmation predictions.
  3. Updated train time tables (with offline access), platform number at which train will arrive can be checked.
  4. Users can check coach position, seat layout and berth layout for a specific train
  5. Manage your trips – 1-click 'Refresh' icon on the header to add trip automatically via IRCTC SMS.
  6. There is also calculator which can be used by users to do fare estimation of their journey.,
It is  backed by community comprising of thousands of users. These people provide useful feed back and suggestions to the developers so that all the required features are integrated to the application. You can also participate in their online forum or leave comments in a blog to get your railway related queries answered. It's quite good and great way to show your rail wisdom.

IRCTC Train Status By SMS 139

How can I check train running status by using a normal phone (not a smartphone)?

You can  send a sms message to the Railway enquiry number 139 in this format: 

  • Get the running status by message: Train {train number or name} send to 139
  • For expected arrival and departure time:  SMS AD {train number} {Station STD Code} to 139. 
  • For help on status of train: SMS keyword "HELP" to 139. 

Than  follow the instructions received in the message send to you in reply by Indian Railway.

Thus you can see there are multiple methods available to find the live running status of any train in India.

So what are you waiting for?

Use the solution above and start tracking the trains. Every train listed on irctc.co.in can be spotted and tracked.

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