Recently a user from India sent us an email mentioning that his IRCTC account has been suspended. Not only does he not know the reason of suspension, what caused it, but also he wants to know how to activate it?

As a result of deactivation of account, he is no longer able to login to book railway tickets online. Basically this irctc user is disabled.

Activating accounts of IRCTC is really easy. That is what you will know here. After knowing the procedure of  how to activate your suspended IRCTC account, you can follow the activation process to again make your account live.

signin irctc

Once activation is done you can continue to login and do booking on irctc website. Watch this video or read further.

In normal cases, when account is working you see a login screen with fields to enter your user id and password. Something like this:

login screen in when your account is activated

However if your account is deactivated, it is no longer the case. You see something else, much to you dismay.

After deactivation/ suspension if you attempt to login into your accounts, you might see the following 'wrong credentials' message flashes by site.

login error
wrong credentials message will also be shown in case wrong
username and password is entered.

First of all if you are also among those whose account is suspended/deactivated without prior notice or information, know very well that there is a valid reason for it.

As we have already mentioned on irctc registration page for individual users, that if at the time of creating your account on IRCTC you provided wrong or unverifiable junk or garbage information, the officials of IRCTC can deactivate your account without prior warning.

You may be asking how come they know that the provided information was incorrect? Well, every now and than officials at IRCTC do verification of details provided to them by the users and if the provided information does not match with real information, then the account is deactivated as per policy.

If someone is using his IRCTC account for suspect activities, like for booking too many railway tickets in different trains on each day, or booking same passengers in many different trains on the same day, than their account may be suspended to safeguard the interests of other users. Just imagine if someone book all the tickets in all the trains from same account, no seats will be available for other users to reserve,

Now, can the suspended account be activated? The answer is - "Yes". One trivial, yet perfectly legal and working solution to this frustrating problem is to actually create a new profile. Crating profile is easy. You just have to fill the irctc registration form.

 Before creating new profile one can  also try to call on irctc customer care number, which is  011-39340000.  If number doesn't work for some reason, send an email at and request for the reactivation of your account. Though the chances of account becoming alive is very less, this method has worked 100 percent for some people.

Also a bit of caution for those who already have a working account on IRCTC. You must make sure that you do not attempt to create another account with same email ID. This is because multiple login's are not allowed on site.

Many people, especially these days, are trying to set up as many accounts as they can to have a better chance in irctc lucky draw scheme. This practice should be avoided at all costs as you might be loosing your working account, and worse you won't be able to do railway ticket booking again.

Also it is a good practice to always follow the irctc terms and conditions and comply with their user policy to avoid facing any issues.


Gaurav Sethi said…
@anindya, Your suggestions are welcome. Due to large number of unauthorised agents logging in with same/ fake Id's, authentication and authorization process on site has been boosted.
Sasi Reddy said…
In what ever the case, it doesn't seem to be a process evolved out of a matured thought process. I have been booking on IRCTC for years till I moved to US a few years. Now I am in India and IRCTC says "my account is deactivated". If it was deactivated due to usage, there should be a way to re-use the email or get a new password.
If Indian Railways thinks that the individual (or personal) accounts are used by the touts or agents or brokers, that is a serious issue as either it could be the insiders job of selling these accounts to agents or Indian Railways is way behind the current technology to secure their assets.
shamil pereira said…
I have experienced the same issue. Had created an account in my college days and forgotten the login credentials. Tried to create new credentials was not successful as my email I'd was already being used in the previous account. We aleast have an option to discontinue the old and create new credentials.
Kumar Jivi said…
I am not an agent. Nor I have ever used irctc account for any such activities.
I have always used my account to book tickets for either myself or for my family members. I think it has been couple of times that I booked tickets for my friends but that was like once in an year.
Normally I used to book tickets maybe once in a month during holidays or once in 3-4 months during non-holiday season.
It has never been the case that I have booked multiple tickets for different source/destination on the same day or even within the same week or for different sets of Passengers.
Yet, when I tried to login today, it says My Account has been de-activated.
Googling about it, I discovered that it has been done in an attempt to wipe out agents.
I don't know how many agents have been blocked, but I am sure lot of genuine users like myself have been blocked.
Roger Fernandes said…
Even I have become a victim of this nonsense by irctc. There are pending trips in my bookings and I can't manage them. Their method adapted to curb illegal sale of tickets online is not effective and normal users are being vicatmized.
Only way to catch agents is to strictly verify passengers for all irctc booked tickets during travel. Provision should be made to deboard passengers with fake ids.
This comes as a pretty obscure approach to me. First of all IRCTC just "assumes" that accounts are being used to malicious activity and without proper verification they have accounts disabled. I have been using my account consistently for many years now, always booking tickets for me and my family. Never have I booked a large number of tickets for different destinations and stuff. Still my ID was disabled. I believe that instead of actually verifying, they have some automated system in place that simply disables account even if you book a large number of tickets.
Yes i did face the same problem of wrong credential, as i have booked the ticket for my family for the 1st time only and later on i found that my account was blocked, also not any option to re activate it nor to create a new account with sam Mail ID. i think they should atleast give an option to recover it....
Unknown said…
and yes, the mobile number associated with the deactivated account is also banned from creating a new account. And there is no way to retrieve that mobile number to create a new account. So, we need to get a new sim. This is ridiculous and like a penalty for life time who has only one important mobile number for all business purposes.
I also don't understand how is this helping irctc to keep control that one person will not be able to create multiple accounts if they block the mobile number, as whoever wants to have multiple accounts can just get as many sim cards and email ids. This is a Loop, and nonsense and some foolish work of some foolish programmer of this site.
Saravanan said…
Idiotic and false procedure. We book tickets for our parents sometimes. How those so called intelligent (!!!???) Persons can deactivate my account. There are vacancies in ISRO and ask these people to go and join.
Blogs said…
Wrong Credential Problem :

Phoning 011-39340000 does not help, as it is always busy.
Chennai Customer Care No. : 044-25300000 is rude and of no help.

emailing I-tickets/e-tickets : One ticket is given and 24 hours wait time. But till no resolution even after.

All the govt sites are like that, old application form filling, send it to some obsure email or address. And that government (people) SERVANT sleeps on it. Call them no reply or rude, just because they are GOVT. SERVANTS.

For some obscure reason, of agents buying and selling tickets, this SYSTEM is followed. Then how come this same govt. has given net-access to (private) to login remotely, and buy tickets on behalf of its customers.
These things go hand-in-hand at high level.

This is common with any govt. Even Air-India develops a route and suddenly stops that route, and a private operator starts the next day.
Jyotika Chheda said…
Seriously, Stupidity done by IRCTC ... What is the logic of blocking email ID and Mobile No while blocking the IRCTC accounts. I can't take new mobile number just to get register with IRCTC ... This will not stop fake ID but instead increase the use of Agent to book the tickets as genuine traveler will have to book their tickets through agents..... Secondly. IRCTC not allow individual user to book more than 6 tickets in a month so if me and my family are travelling and booking 7th tickets then it wont allow and cant create new ID also as IRCTC blocks it. Government sites will never Improve .....
t3982004 said…
IRCTC should give option to reactivate suspended account, they might be doing this to create problem to individual user. I never used the auto fill, which they are replaying on mail regarding my account suspension. Pathetic IRCTC service on this. They are not even heard the users voice.
Indran nair said…
whenever i am logging in to the IRCTC CITE,Ican't sign in.windo comes as my account is deactivated.How i activate it I want my account to get activated.When i tried to sign up then window comes as the ID and phone number can i sign up afresh?

Anonymous said…
My account got suspended for no particular reason. I was able to reach a customer service representative, who informed me that I am using an automated tool to fill the name etc... I have not used any automated tool. I was asked to get a new phone number and create a new account. Firstly, I am wrongly suspended. Secondly, to make it worst, I am being asked to get a new phone number. This is not right. How can I raise this issue to higher authority? Please advice.
Same happened with me that due to auto fill facility they suspended my account.

I believe irctc cant manage railway ticket booking facility because they dont have such

Intelligent people who can design logic and then execute it , rather they are making life

Difficult for geniune users. Prabhu ji why dont you outsource it to some it company who

Have got good brains to manage these rather than giving lame execuses to geniune users

Who are facing issue because of these silly mistakes and fun part is that they can restore account

I dont know why but if the same had been done by any private organisation then definitely it would

Be closed in few months but poor people cant fight against government.
Iceman said…
I just had a long conversation with the IRCTC Customer desk. They were helpful to hear my story but were unable to help me further.
They are saying something due to Tatkal booking and similar to what Arun Kumar said. But I have never done any Tatkal bookings or of that sort. Whatever I have booked have either cancelled or travelled.
This is stupendous. I cannot be giving my relative's mobile number for the sake of IRCTC new account registration.
This is crazy.
Even I would like to escalate this matter. Hopefully not on deaf ears.!!
Skarbimir said…
Same with happen me. I thin it need to be spayed out in media and also make complain directly to the railways ministry and MP office. If Digital India Program will work like IRCTC it will be danger...
As Jyotika Chheda mentioned above, this reckless blocking of user accounts without proper reasoning should be mostly to PROMOTE AGENTS. After all what to expect from IRCTC a govt agency!
RufusPeter said…
I am also having the same problem for past 5 years, i have sent
so many emails..but no use...I request our dear Prime Minister Mr.Modi
to solve this problem so many genuine users like me are affected.


manish k said…
I had forgotten my account password. I created a new one for my wife to book ticket. I booked tickets for next month & now the account is blocked & I don't remember the userid & password correctly. IRCTC ate all my money. Shame IRCTC shame.
jks kumar said…
Iam a CSC propraiter. My IRCTC code is genreted by CSC E GOVE. INDIA LTD.But my code is deactivated. What can i do ?
I am also facing the same problem. When I wanted to book the ticket to Native place during this vacation, My account is not working. When I tried from the site, some offers are seen from some agencies to activate the deactivated accounts. Altogether I understood this is a mass corruption from the Indian Railway to make the money to different agencies. What is the criteria to activate and who is answerable to this kind of deactivation. No check and balance system is not there in place. Ultimately country is being immersed into deep corruption. No hope for this country alas, alas
Unknown said…
My IRCTC account has suspended. I made a call to Customer service. They replied, create new user id with New Email & Other phone Number. Is it possible to activate my account ? Anyone suggest me.
Unknown said…
Today when I called to customer service, they informed me to create a new account with new phone numbers and email. In What is the logic of blocking email ID and Mobile No while blocking the IRCTC accounts. I can't take new mobile number just to get register with Irctc. IRCTC not allow individual user to book more than 6 tickets in a month so if me and my family are travelling and booking 7th tickets then it wont allow. Please change the system, like me so many people are disappointed by irctc for suspending original users.
Unknown said…
I have been using this irctc account since 7-8 years now. All of a sudden when I am trying to login it says user disabled. Firstly all my KYC done so why is it disabled. If at all they are disbling they should be sending across a mail to the concerned person stating that this has been disabled for this reason. At least in a time of emergency when I need to book a ticket I am helpless. This is just not done. Someone should seriously look into it.
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