Recently a user from India sent us an email mentioning that his IRCTC account has been suspended. Not only does he not know the reason of suspension, what caused it, but also he wants to know how to activate it?

As a result of deactivation of account, he is no longer able to login to book railway tickets online. Basically this irctc user is disabled.

Activating accounts of IRCTC is really easy. That is what you will know here. After knowing the procedure of  how to activate your suspended IRCTC account, you can follow the activation process to again make your account live.

signin irctc

Once activation is done you can continue to login and do booking on irctc website. Watch this video or read further.

In normal cases, when account is working you see a login screen with fields to enter your user id and password. Something like this:

login screen in when your account is activated

However if your account is deactivated, it is no longer the case. You see something else, much to you dismay.

After deactivation/ suspension if you attempt to login into your accounts, you might see the following 'wrong credentials' message flashes by site.

login error
wrong credentials message will also be shown in case wrong
username and password is entered.

First of all if you are also among those whose account is suspended/deactivated without prior notice or information, know very well that there is a valid reason for it.

As we have already mentioned on irctc registration page for individual users, that if at the time of creating your account on IRCTC you provided wrong or unverifiable junk or garbage information, the officials of IRCTC can deactivate your account without prior warning.

You may be asking how come they know that the provided information was incorrect? Well, every now and than officials at IRCTC do verification of details provided to them by the users and if the provided information does not match with real information, then the account is deactivated as per policy.

If someone is using his IRCTC account for suspect activities, like for booking too many railway tickets in different trains on each day, or booking same passengers in many different trains on the same day, than their account may be suspended to safeguard the interests of other users. Just imagine if someone book all the tickets in all the trains from same account, no seats will be available for other users to reserve,

Now, can the suspended account be activated? The answer is - "Yes". One trivial, yet perfectly legal and working solution to this frustrating problem is to actually create a new profile. Crating profile is easy. You just have to fill the irctc registration form.

 Before creating new profile one can  also try to call on irctc customer care number, which is  011-39340000.  If number doesn't work for some reason, send an email at and request for the reactivation of your account. Though the chances of account becoming alive is very less, this method has worked 100 percent for some people.

Also a bit of caution for those who already have a working account on IRCTC. You must make sure that you do not attempt to create another account with same email ID. This is because multiple login's are not allowed on site.

Many people, especially these days, are trying to set up as many accounts as they can to have a better chance in irctc lucky draw scheme. This practice should be avoided at all costs as you might be loosing your working account, and worse you won't be able to do railway ticket booking again.

Also it is a good practice to always follow the irctc terms and conditions and comply with their user policy to avoid facing any issues.

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