Indian Railways is starting ticket transfer scheme from Nov 12, 2015. Under this scheme if a passenger is unable to travel in a train, for which he has purchased a ticket, railway ticket cancellation is not required.

After booking train ticket you can now transfer it if you don't want to travel anymore. Transfer doesn't mean  that you can transfer your train ticket to another person.

Rather you can postpone/ prepone your journey to  travel in other train by making use of " train ticket transfer scheme" of Indian Railways.

By doing this you have a benefit. The benefit is you can save railway ticket cancellation charges and charges applied when booking new train ticket. You can see the current train ticket cancellation charges here. You can save all this money.

Train Ticket Transfer Process

The process of transferring train ticket is easy.

Suppose you are having a ticket that is departing today. Under Indian Railways ticket transfer scheme if you cannot travel the train today you can transfer your ticket.

Instead, of travelling today you can chose to travel in a train that is departing 48 hours after or before the departure time of the train for which  the ticket was booked initially.

Charges for Train Ticket Transfer

What about train fare and reservation charges?

  • If the value of new ticket is more than the current ticket, you need to pay the difference betwen charges to the railway.
  • If new ticket costs less than railway will return the difference to passenger.

Let's understand the ticket transfer scheme of railway by an example.

Suppose you have booked a ticket from New Delhi to Mumbai Central in Rajdhani Express in AC 1 class for which you have paid 4745 INR. Now for some reason you are unable to travel, you will be able to transfer your ticket for next day or previous day's train.

Now suppose you transfer your ticket and get a ticket for Garib Rath AC chair car. The fare is INR 735 only. Railway will return you 4745-735 i.e. Rs. 4010.

Rajdhani Express fare between New Delhi and Mumbai
Rajdhani Express fare between New Delhi and Mumbai

You also need to keep in mind the following details related to Indan Railway ticket transfer scheme:

  • You need to submit the old ticket 48 hrs before the train departure time as per railway timetable.
  • If you get a confirm ticket, than reservation charges will be taken again.
  • In case ticket is RAC or Waiting List, instead of reservation clerical charges will be levied.
  • Clerkage charges are almost half of reservation charges hence you will benefit.
Apart from above benefits railway customers can also change travel class. This can be done at the time of opening of ticket counter or at least 6 hrs before the departure time of train as per train schedule.

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