Jan 22, 2015

IRCTC Time Table | Find latest Train Schedule of Indian Railway

IRCTC time table provides latest arrival and departure times of trains in India. Use the timetable as per guidelines shown below to get new times of Indian Railways on your screen. To know about a delayed running train or suspended or cancelled trains on any route make use of spot your train service.

The IRCTC time table is a railway time table. IRCTC follows and shows the same train times which Indian Railway do on its own website So don't get confused.

When a user click the 'get schedule' button, he will be asked to fill in the name of the train or the train number (anyone) so that the computerized system returns the entire schedule of the train. The result of the query is comprehensive furnishing details like arrival time, departure time, halt time (in minutes), day of journey, train running days (i.e. Weekdays on which train runs), and also the distance between the two railway stations at which the train halts.

The procedure will be clear by the example. Suppose one wants to get the schedule of the train 'Avadh Express', the train no. 19038. In order to do this one will use the above button. This will show the form as shown below.

As you can see, the name of the train is entered in the appropriate box. One could have entered the train number directly, but just to show that when one doesn't know the number, one can just enter the name. Now, what if there are many trains with the same name? Don't worry! The system will list all the trains with the same name. Look at the screenshot of the trains returned for the above mentioned train.

train name/ numbers
trains above have same names but different train numbers.
Now, a user needs to choose the right train. One can easily do so by looking at the source and destination stations. We have chosen '19038' here. Now let's see what happens.
train route
to save space only top 10 station of the route are shown.
One can see that complete train route, with schedule, is returned to the user.

There is another method of getting the train timings and its route. This is by sending 'sms' from mobile phone.

To get  train timetable by sms message  use one of the following methods -

SMS TIME {Train Number} to 139

train timetable by sms to 139

SMS TRNSH {Train no.} to 54959

train schedule by sms to 54959
one can also replace train number with first few characters of train name in above format to get the schedule
Now you know multiple methods to know the timings of the train. Go to railway eqnuiry to know how to do other train enquiries. Enjoy!


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