Correct train timings of Indian Railway are important for users who want to know whether or not a train is running as per schedule mentioned in Indian Railway timetable. Knowing accurate timings of train allow passengers to plan their journey much better. By knowing current train timings, railway users can estimate when they will reach their destination which enables them further to fix their appointments, and schedule their work properly.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to check train timings online
  • Procedure to get train schedule by NTES APP
  • Get current time of train by SMS and by Phone Call.

Train Timings On Railway Enquiry Site

You can see arrival and departure times of any train online on railway enquiry website. In fact, if you know your train number (see on your ticket) or a train name, you can see train timings and get complete train schedule.

get train schedule

If a train is not running on time and you want to clarify whether it is delayed due to some reason or is suspended or cancelled, you should go straight to national train enquiry. To find the location of any train use spot your train service .

Here is a snapshot taken from website. This snapshot is an example of how to do train enquiry for train times on railway.

train timings
snapshot shows how to find train timings

You can see how the train name appropriate box.You could also enter the train number directly, in case you know it.

Now, what if there are many trains with the same name? Don't worry! The system will list all the trains with the same name. Look at the screenshot of the trains returned for the above mentioned train.

same train name but different numbers
trains above have same names but different train numbers.
Select the train which is appropriate for you and 'get schedule'. You can pick the right train by looking at the train's source station and destination mentioned against its name.

Time for another snapshot. This is what railway enquiry system show you. As you can see it is a complete train route along with halt stations, halt time (in minutes), arrival and departure time, along with schedule.
train route
to save space only top 10 station of the route are shown.
These train timings should match with what Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) shows on its booking page of e-ticketing system.

Train Timings by NTES App

Centre for Railway Information System has developed a  National Train Enquiry System (NTES), which is also available in the form of mobile app. It is available for both Android and Windows phone. With this single application not only you can do booking and cancellation but you can do all sorts of enquiry about a train. It means you can also get rail times. To get irctc train schedule take following steps:

1. Install NTES APP: Download NTES APP from Google Play Store or Windows Store.

Schedule on train enquiry NTES

2. Go to Train Schedule Section to get latest train timings.

NTES train schedule

3. Enter train number or train name, and click on 'Show Schedule'

enter train name or number to get schedule
enter train number or name

4. Note down your train's schedule displayed on a timetable on your screen.

timetable of train displayed on screen
timetable of train displayed on screen

Similarly you can also select 'Live Station' option to see trains running, arriving and departing, within next 2-4 hrs from a particular station.

Live train status at station
Get live train status at a particular station

Train Timings By SMS

There is another method of getting the train timings and its route. This is by sending 'sms' from mobile phone.

To get  train timetable by sms message  use one of the following methods -

SMS TIME {Train Number} to 139

train timetable by sms to 139

SMS  TRNSH<space>Train no to 54959

train schedule by sms to 54959
How to get train timetable by SMS

Train Schedule by calling at 139

This is probably the simplest method to get timings of any train. All you need to do is to call on railway enquiry number 139 (toll free no.). Than follow the instruction. It will ask you to enter a number to know current train timings of a train on your station. Than you just need to enter the STD code of your city and train number. 

In case you don't know train number, just enter STD code of station. System will tell you the arrival and departure time of all the trains scheduled within next 4 hours on your station.


Thus you can see there are multiple options to check train timings available for users. One can use any of them as per their comfort and depending on devices available to them. Railway also publishes a printed version of train schedules known as "Trains at A Glance" which contains timetables of all the passenger trains of all the zones in India. Download latest version of trains at a glance (in PDF) to see all the timetables of running trains.

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