Finding the train fare for journey between stations is one of the common requirement of a railway user. Fare enquiry can be done online to find out what it will cost to a person for carrying out the journey to his destination. To know the fare click on button below.

What is fare of train

The above button will take user to a page which contains a form that needs to be filled and submitted to the official railway enquiry website: The most important fields that are required to be filled by user are - train number, day and month of journey, source station code, destination station code, class of travel, age, quota, and concession which may be availed by the user. More will be clear by looking at the screenshot of the form shown below.

view train fare details

If you don't know the station code, or train number, you need not worry. This is because below the form you will find the options to know them.

Is there any way to get the fare by using sms service i.e. fare enquiry by mobile? The answer is - Yes!

To get the fare one can send sms from mobile to 139 number by composing a message in the format shown below.

FARE {Train no.} {mmddyy} {station1 std code} {station 2 std code}  {class of travel} {quota}

An example will make the thing further clear. Have a look at picture below.

 How to get train fare by Phone

There you are. That's how you find the train fare of Indian Railway. Enjoy!

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