Up to now only 6 tickets can be booked per month using same irctc userid online. But now you can book as much as 12 tickets per month on IRCTC online ticketing portal by linking  Aadhaar Card to your IRCTC account. Booking dozen of railway tickets once is super quick and easy.

Link IRCTC UserID to Aadhar

First Step:  First step is to link your Aadhar number to your IRCTC account.  This is super easy as explained below:

linking aadhar to irctc

  • Login using your user id and password into irctc portal and go to 'My Account'  and than to 'My Profile' sub item.
  • There you shall see 'Link Your Aadhaar' as 3rd item item in extended menu.
  • Once you click Aadhar KYC you will be asked to enter your aadhar number.
  • Enter your 12 digit aadhaar number and send it to UIDAI system for verification by clicking 'SEND OTP' Button.
  • Now you will get your One Time Password (OTP) on a mobile phone which is registered with UIDAI. It may take few seconds receive OTP.
  • Just enter this OTP and submit it for verification.
  • If you haven't made any mistake you should have your Aadhar verified and linked to IRCTC.
Now you are ready to book 12 tickets using your IRCTC ID. In case you have forgotten your irctc user id click here.

Adding Passengers To Master List for Aadhar Verification

Second Step: In this step we will see actually how we can do actual booking. This too is as easy as first step. 

adding passengers to irctc master list for aadhar verification

  • Having logged into irctc.co.in again go to 'My Accoumts' - 'My Profile'.
  • Select 'Add/ Modify Master List' from the menu. Using this option you can add as many passengers as you want with their details like age, gender, date of birth, berth preference, food choice, identity card and aadhaar number etc. at once. Later you can use this master list to add passenger at the time of doing ticket booking without having to enter those details for each passenger individually.
  • For each individual added to 'master list' you have option to verify his/ her identity with Aadhar verification system.
  • Although only one of the passenger in the list is needed to be verified, it is advisable to verify all the individuals for booking up to 12 passengers in a month.
  • IRCTC will show 'Verified' status for people who are successfully verified and 'not verified' for those whose verification is failed. Pending status will be shown for those whose verification is not done yet. You can use 'click here to check pending verification status' to check pending status. This option is located at top right corner in master list of passenger as shown below
easy aadhaar verification in irctc (upto 12 passengers)

Third Step: This is final step.

  • Any time you are booking ticket login with your aadhaar verified irctc account.
  • Add passengers from master list (at least one passenger should be aadhaar verified)/
  • Book up to twelve passengers in a month.
Follow the procedure for booking tickets on irctc here.

Note: In case you want to remove aadhaar linkage of any individual in master list of IRCTC, you can do so  by using 'Release PAN/ Aadhar' option in 'My Profile' menu on irctc.co.in.

If you feel process takes bit of your time and want to book railway tickets quickly that we have few nifty tricks for you for booking tickets faster on IRCTC.  Follow them and enjoy.

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