Everyone wants to save time! Isn't it? Time is money. But booking tickets on internet on IRCTC always waste time. It takes much longer than normal in order to complete the ticket booking. Since time is money, in a way we are wasting our money. But then why so many people are still clinging on to 'irctc.co.in' site for their train booking. They must be using some tricks.

fast train ticket booking

Fast Train Ticket Booking Tricks 

Power You Browser with AD Blocker: Much of the time is wasted because the railway ticketing website doesn't load in the browser. This happens not only due to load on the server, but also due to heavy components on the homepage. Ads are some of those heavy components which prevent website to load quickly. There are nice ad blocker available as add-on's and extensions that cab be installed so that the browser automatically block any ads from loading, hence rendering the site faster.

Keep Passenger Details Ready: Many people are just crazy. They will wait for hours for site to load, and when it eventually does, after a long wait, they run here and there to collect the details of travelers which is required to be entered in reservation form. Many people would be wandering here and there madly looking for their mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, and whoever is fellow traveler to ask them about their age, their identity card proof number, and all sorts of other information. By the time mom comes out of bathroom the IRCTC session is already over. This means that one is needed to login again and start all over again. Better approach will be to keep all the passenger related details ready on the paper or saved into the master passenger detail list and then add them by click of a button into the form. One can use magic autofill by amit agarwal too and save time.

Use multiple login's: Multiple login's on 'www.irctc.co.in' is not allowed. But what you can do is to login through different browsers at some gap to keep the session alive. As soon as the session tends to get exhausted, switch on to the next screen and continue booking your railway tickets.

Login at right time for tatkal booking: Timing is extremely important while booking tickets. This is particularly true when one talks about tatkal ticket booking timings. To save time you can follow the post - do fast tatkal booking using eWallet on IRCTC.

Use fast internet connection: This should have mentioned first. For online booking you should always use fast broadband connection to connect to internet. Dial up connection is very slow and you won't be able to finish booking on time. Also don't use the shared internet as in case of cybercafes. Wireless connection through router will be fastest.

Disable Images:Just like advertisements, images also do take plenty of time to load. But there is easy fix to this problem. All browsers have option to disable image rendering. This option is available through browser settings. Once you do this all the images will be replaces by a text contained in 'Alt' attribute of images. You shall see instant improvement in loading of 'https://irctc.co.in' website on making use of this trick.

Use Alternate Login Screen:You are well aware that online passenger eTicketing system is the place to go for booking train tickets. But you are nit alone, there are millions of users out there who are logging in concurrently for booking railway tickets. This results in heavy load on server which makes it very difficult for it to serve all the users in time. Often it results in 'request timeout' error. If you see this you can use the alternate screen to sign in to IRCTC. You can use Next Generation ETicket i,e  NGET IRCTC login screen. Since not many users know about it, you will be able to quickly access the homepage of IRCTC.

Book return tickets too: Plan your journey is a manner that you know when to come back. You are allowed to book two way or return journey tickets too. Main advantage of this trick is that you won't have to enter journey details in booking form again for booking tickets to return to home. Also you will have better chance of availability of seats since you are doing reservation in advance.

Use proper payment method: For paying avoid internet banking and credit/debit card options, as it takes time to process them by payment gateway. Instead use the new cash on delivery (COD) payment option or IRCTC UBI Rupay prepaid card.

You can also try out ePayLater payment option of irctc which allows you to settle payment in next 14 days.

For further speeding up IRCTC ticket booking, see free quick ticket booking guide on irctc.co.in.

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