Sometimes it happens that a user forgets the username or user ID used in IRCTC for login. We will show here how to get your IRCTC ID. Many people don't know how to recover their ID if they don't remember it. But solution exists.

Retrieve IRCTC Userid

IRCTC has provided easy solution get back irctc userid for users. Follow these steps:

1. Go to IRCTC login page.
2. Click on 'forgot id button' (shown in picture)
forget user id
3. Provide Email, Date of Birth, and Captcha and submit.

4. Check you email. You will get a mail in inbox from 'ticketadmin'. There you can see your 'irctc user id'.

Just read till end carefully. We will also answer: "How to get irctc user id by email address?" This is a buzzing question among many people who created used id earlier, and now can't remember it often ask.

These days may people use Rail Connect app for IRCTC account creation on their mobile/ smartphones. Forgot UserID option to retrieve the username of is also available there.

TIP : If you use smartphone you can create a 4 digit pin to login easily using IRCTC app. You don't have to remember userid/ password.

In case you have already done so, but have forgotten PIN as well - follow steps here to make new pin on irctc rail connect app.

Forgot IRCTC Userid Problem is Annoying

Note that we are not talking here about forgotten password, but we are talking about user ID. Resetting forgotten password is easy as already explained in how to reset forgot irctc password.

But can we do the same when we forget the login ID of IRCTC?

what is my IRCTC ID
solution to I Don't remember my IRCTC ID for login. What is my IRCTC ID?

The problem looks simple at first look, but believe us that solution is not as easy as it might seem. Many people try to send email to but they get message that your issue is forwarded and nothing happens. Many time the date at which we intend to take journey pass by and we are left hapless as we cannot book train tickets online without IRCTC user ID.

One solution that comes to mind is to create a new email and than register on IRCTC with that email. But problem again arises because as we enter our mobile number while creating new account, IRCTC responds by saying that "mobile already registered".  Hence we cannot continue with registration process.

So what to do? Do we need new mobile number? But that will not be a viable solution. It sounds illogical and silly to apply for a new mobile number just to create account on IRCTC.

But there is a simple trick.

Enter a mobile number of your relative (mummy, papa, brother, sister, it doesn't matter) and make sure that it is not registered with Than complete the registration process using new email. After that login to your new account and change the mobile number to your own old number.

That's it! Now you have a new user ID and your old mobile number using which you can easily do railway ticket booking.

Hope you like the solution. Share it and enjoy your journey.

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