On 'IRCTC Rail Connect' railway app, there is an option to create a 4 digit PIN for easy login onto the system. But many people forget it and than wonder what to do? 

We will explain you here exactly what to do when you forget PIN of 'IRCTC Rail Connect' App . How can you make a new one by changing old PIN.

PIN makes it easy to do train ticket booking online. This is because you don't have to enter those long usernames and passwords every time you want to do railway reservation.

Also, it is quite common among people to easily forget irctc userid. In process of making new account on irctc rail connect app, people intentionally create complex passwords so that no one else can guess it. While that is good, you would agree that it also becomes difficult to remember those complex usernames and passwords. 

An that is why people create a PIN.  But they even forget it. Yes, they can't even remember combination of four digits. And the fact that you are reading this article, it is very likely you are also one of them. 😆

Ok, enough. Lets get on to the task in hand : Making new IRCTC Rail Connect PIN in case you forget it.

How to Change PIN of  IRCTC Rail Connect App

Please never keep entering wrong PIN again and again. Because if you enter wrong PIN 3 consecutive time your IRCTC mobile app may get locked.  Simply make new one or change the old one.

Steps for Changing IRCTC Rail Connect PIN

Step 1: Open the rail connect app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Choose "Train Ticket" option on welcome screen.

irctcconnect app

Step 3: You will see cursor blinking at "Enter PIN" field, had you created one before.

Step 4: Scroll down to find the ' Forgot/Change PIN' link. It is situated/ located just below the Captcha Code image, as shown below.

forgot irctc pin

Step 6: Click on 'forgot/Change Pin'  and than click 'Yes' to accept that you have forgot PIN.

Step 5: You will be asked to Login. Provide password. If you are logged in already, system will show you the message ("Please re-enter the password to generate new PIN"). Click OK.

Step 6: Enter IRCTC password again. (Click here if you can't remember password).

Step 7: Now you will see the following screen displaying "Please create 4 digit Pin".

generate new irctc pin

Step 8: Enter new pin. Re-enter pin to confirm it again. 'Submit' the form to generate new IRCTC PIN.

Step 9: Your new PIN is created. Please remember to keep your PIN in safe place for future use. Clock 'OK' to close the alert message.

irctc app changed pin confrmation

Step 10. You will be redirected to login screen again. Enter the new PIN you have just created on IRCTC rail connect app, to check everything is working fine.

Thank's! Now you have got the complete solution regarding problems related to 'IRCTC Rail Connect App' PIN.

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