There are many smartwatches available out there, but none like  Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smarthwatch,  which you can wear on your wrist that keeps you constantly updated with so many things.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is being selling hot in markets (online and offline) at a price of around 3000 in India. The price keeps fluctuating 40-50 rupees here and there.  That is such a mouthwatering price to get it when you consider that its is among the best fitness tracker watch out there.

Exact Price of Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smarthwatch in India

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What makes it the best fitness smartwatch? Let's explore its features:

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch Features

Health Tracking:  

  • It offers in built heart rate monitor which alerts you with a timely message if your heart beat goes awry. Women will benefit from menstrual cycle tracking feature. 
  • It also has calorie counter and step counter with which you can keep track how many steps you need to take more to reach your target which you have set for yourselves (to keep you fit and fine).
  •  And not only that when you get tired and fall asleep, it will wake you up in time and will tell if you slept overtime or need to have a bit more sleep. Cool, Isn;t it?
  • It operates in 14 modes as fitness tracker. 

Waterproof fitbit: Wear it and forget it. Be it a sunny day or a rainy day you don't have to worry about the functioning of your smartwatch. No problems even if you dive into swimming pool wearing it.

Full LCD Display: A 1.33 inch color LCD screen which is completely scratch resistant and waterproof makes it a a highly reliable smartwatch to go after.

Watch Functions:  Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smarthwatch is good at common watch functionality like smart notifications (Text, Email, Social Media App Alerts), Alarm Clock, Calendar Alerts, Sedentary Reminder and Goal Completion Reminder.

Connects to both Android and iPhones: Because it is designed by highly educated team of experts, it works seamlessly with both Android and Windows OS based phones.

Long Lasting Battery: One of the very rare smartwatches out there which comes with magnetic battery charger. Once charged the battery lasts for about 10 days.

Bluetooth Connectivity: You can pair it with other devices having Bluetooth installed in them.

Control Other Devices:  If you have a digital camera or a music player you can control their functionality from your watch. This way you don't have to physically approach your music player to increase volume or to change a song track. Likewise if you camera permits, you can control various modes while taking pictures.

Where Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smarthwatch disappoints

We tested this watch ourselves for 10 days.  We found few, won't say problems, but things that could have been better. Here is our review:
  • Rechargeable battery took about 2 hrs to get fully charged. This is not such a big problem but sometime when you are in hurry and don't have a time up the sleeves, you might not use your watch immediately.
  • There was no Wi-Fi connectivity. But since there is a Bluetooth option available it's a mild disappointment.
  • There was some delay in getting notifications on Google Pixel 2 phone, but no such problems with other smartphones. Here are some great low price mobile phones.
  • You cannot make calls and send messages. However you can receive communications on all the popular apps like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter etc installed on your watch.

Our Verdict

We will say that if your are happy with tracking fitness and doing most common operations expected of a smartwatch, the NoiseColorfit Pro 2 is probably the best budget fitness tracker smartwatch available among so many others at an attractive price in India.

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