Are you an owner of a dog? If Yes, congrats, one because it is one of the most faithful pets out there and secondly you can now carry your dog with you in a train journey. Yes Indian Railways allow you to keep your dog with you while travelling.

I also want to travel in Train - your faithful dog

People always think, I am going away, what will happen to my dog? Who will take care of him? Shouldn't I be allowed to carry him with me. Is it even possible in Indian Railway for passengers bring dog along with their luggage? Do I need to buy a separate ticket for my dog, and can it be done online on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation)

We answer all your questions here.

As mentioned already it is permissible for passengers to carry their pet dogs with them in trains. However, there are certain rules to be followed:

Rules for Carrying PET Dogs in Train 

Rule 1: You must book accommodation in AC 1 or a First Class compartment exclusively for your use. 2 berth and 4 berth compartments are available, depending on the train type. Of course, you will have to pay some charges. The charges will be same as those for luggage carrying. Scales like Scale-R, Scale-P and Scale-S are used to calculate weight.(rates as applicable for 60 kgs).

Rule 2: Those who are not travelling in AC1 and first class cannot keep their dogs with them. However there is an alternative, passengers are allowed to book their pet dogs in luggage/brake van. Here charges you pay for carrying pets in train is about what it be for carrying luggage of 30 kg.

Rule 3: In some trains there are specially designed dog boxes are available which you can demand to ensure comfortable journey of your beloved dog. The minimum luggage scale rate is INR 30 per dog booked. Generally there is only 1 dog box in a train and is located in reserved guard bogie.

dog box in train

Rule 4: If a passenger is caught carrying dogs without proper booking, penalty will be levied. Owner of a dog will be charged six times Scale-L rates subject to a minimum of Rs.30 by Indian Railway.

Rule 5: While railway allows you to carry your dog, it's your responsibility to provide drinking water and food (biscuits etc) on the way. When train stops at major stations you can quickly jump down and see you dog to ensure it is coping up well with movements of fast running train.

Procedure for Booking Pet Dogs in Indian Railway

  1. Take your dog to the boarding station.
  2. Contact luggage office for booking ticket for your dog, at least 3 hrs before train departure
  3. You need to provide latest vaccination certificate of your dog.
  4. Carry valid id proof of your identity with you.
  5. Pay the required fees.
  6. Get the receipt. 
  7. Submit first part of receipt to train guard and keep other part with you. Guard coach is usually located at the tail end of a train.
  8. Don't forget to get your dog off the train at the destination station by submitting the receipt to the guard.
If you have booked your train ticket online on IRCTC (either at or using rail connect app), you should ensure that you must visit in person the railway luggage booking office and do dog booking there.

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