It doesn't surprise us anymore when we hear so many people complaining that their account of IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is banned just after registration. This is because most people follow instructions given on news websites to create their new IRCTC accounts.

IRCTC has a strict policy on making new accounts and making it wrong way is not worth at all. Not only you will be unable to login on but also you will be denied access on the online train ticket booking railway app IRCTC Rail Connect.

Many people keep asking us: When I try to login on it says your account is suspended. Same is the case with many of my friends who are not allowed to login. Please help us on  how to activate our disabled irctc accounts? It is not working. We are unable to login.

Gone are the days when you could trust the news channels or their websites blindly. These days either they don't seem to care or their content writers don't have enough time to research on the topic. Don't just get impressed by names such as India Today, NDTV, Financial Express, Economic Times, Republic TV, or Times Now. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Always double check the information before you start taking actions based on it.

Have a look at this screenshot. It is from the website of popular news group of India and the page provides instruction on how to create new account on IRCTC.

wrong instruction given on India Today about IRCTC registration process
We took this screen shot on Oct 30, 2019 (for the record).

Focus yourself on 'Step 5' in screenshot: It says, "Enter the username. The username should be between 4 to 10 characters".

This is absolutely wrong friends. This is a bug and we have caught it (not expecting big rewards/ prizes for this). Your IRCTC username can be anything between 3 to 35 characters in length, and only letters and numbers are allowed in it. As a proof we are attaching screenshot from official IRCTC registration website.

update: When we pointed out the mistake, the news website has corrected the mistake.

See Correct instructions on IRCTC registration and that is what you should follow while filling up registration form.

This is not the only instance of wrong information being provided to users who want to do registration on IRCTC. We will not mention the name of those websites/ news channels because we don't want to embarrass them. Who knows they may be intentionally providing wrong information to benefit the private travel agents associated to them.

Our objective here is to make you aware that you should be very careful from where you are picking up instructions on creating your IRCTC account or any account for that matter.

Many people don't care because they know that registration on IRCTC is free, there is no fees for Indian citizens. While that's true, ask them later if they are able to login and do booking on next generation eTicketing system of IRCTC. Most of them will show you a cry baby face.

This is because from one mobile number, only one IRCTC account can be created and if you don't care, and keep on doing silly mistakes, like trusting a news website, you will surely mess up your one and only chance to create an account on IRCTC.

In the end, we will say: be very careful while making new irctc userid.

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