Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, IRCTC, has new railway website for online train ticket booking known as 'IRCTC Next Generation'. 

There are very good reasons as to why IRCTCs online railway reservation system is called a next generation system.

Earlier the irctc login process, and railway booking thereafter, was so slow that it often left users frustrated.

New generation which likes speed, as they tend to do things fast, and ignore old and slow systems outright, the IRCTC's next generation online ticket booking system is just the right 'railway reservation system' which has the potential to not only satisfy the current generation of railway users but will continue to appeal the next generation too due to its improved features, performance, fast loading time, and reliability.

The new railway booking system is not only fast but it is also easier to work with. It is a preferred platform of most new users who are looking for train ticket booking online. IRCTC itself recommends people to use it and discard the older version. This is clear from the fact that most old users are now forwarded to the next generation railway reservation system.

Here is how(see image below) the home page of the Irctc's next generation website looks like after you login with your userid and password.

irctc next generation website login page
various options on irctc next generation website for railway users allow them to do ticket booking and cancellation quicker than before.
As you can see that not only you can book railway tickets using 'Plan My Journey' on E-Ticketing page, you can also cancel ticket, print ticket (not recommended as you can use the message sent on your mobile phone along with ID proof in place of ticket), and see status of refund, as well as go and see the booked ticket history on the same page. Hence it is easy to work with, exactly what the new generation likes, and there is no need to navigate from one page to another for performing different tasks.

If you are using IRCTC regularly from about 3-4 years, it is likely that you also have received an email from stating that you are successfully upgraded to IRCTC's next generation e Ticketing system. Also please note that whichever system you use for online railway ticket booking, the rules of reservation, cancellation, and booking timings remain same across the all the previous and latest (or new) reservation system (platforms).

Some of the features in the IRCTC booking system (new system) that will appeal to new generation of railway users are:

  • Fastness and security.
  • Capability to handle thousands of users simultaneously without hanging up or getting stuck, thus providing good usage experience to people who use it for booking tickets online.
  • Rich 'journey planner' interface which provides all the useful details in real time to a user helping him to plan and book railway tickets is least possible time with accuracy. While booking his/her railway ticket system provides latest information on  train timings, the status of  seat availability , charges and  fare of the train, travel classes available in a particular train, running days of train (on which days of a week a train runs), and other useful information, which all helps a railway user to select the right train for his planned tour in future.

Earlier, though it was straightforward to do railway ticket booking, to get additional information related to train (the one's listed above) one had to visit the railway enquiry website of Indian Railway.

This was a big problem since the time spent on finding this extra railway information meant that seats would already get occupied by other users, and one had to go for either Tatkal Booking or be satisfy with wait listed ticket.

When we talk about modern people, we are also talking about the people who are more updated with technology. The modern generation and subsequent generations will be doing most of their work using computers, smartphones, and other gadgets of future. Thus it is important that any online system which is developed today should be easily accessible on modern devices of communication.

The IRCTC Next Generation (NGET) system is developed in such a way that it can easily adapt to varied devices. You can also try irctc mobile app. It doesn't matter whether you are using a laptop, a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet PC, you can simple login to to access the new online railway ticket booking system, and do railway booking the same way on all devices.

In future, almost all railway  bookings will be done using the new reservation system. India as a nation is advancing towards becoming a cashless economy. The recent demonetization step taken by govt of India, and various initiatives taken by govt for digitization, is a clear indication that in future almost all important public works will be done online, and all payments will happen online only.

It may happen that one day railway would announce to shut all its ticket windows on railway stations and you are asked to purchase your railway ticket online. It might not happen in few coming days, but surely when our next generation arrives, it is a high possibility that all railway tickets are booked over internet.

Thus, we appeal you to start using the new railway booking system from now on, and also educate young children in your household about how to book railway tickets online. If you guide the coming generation, it will help them to learn fast, not only about doing railway booking but also about what is cashless economy.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you like it do share with your friends and relatives, the next generation modern people like yourself.

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