To check PNR Status the is one of the most common activities of people who do advance railway reservation. People does this to see if their reservation is confirmed or where they are still lying on RAC or Waiting List of train chart.

But in coming few days no one will be checking their status of reservation. You must be thinking what is it we are talking about here. It is not that railway website or is going down for maintenance. The reason is something else.

don't check train pnr status
There is a pretty solid reasoning behind the prediction that not many people will bother to go to train enquiry on the internet and check id their seat is confirmed or not. What is it?

If you have a railway ticket with a seat non confirmed at present, there is a very high chance that it won't get confirmed. This is because there is already a huge rush of railway passengers. Getting a solitary seat is a 'good luck' - no one is going to cancel their seats. They might sell it to someone else illegally, but they won't make a cancellation.

Look at any of the Indian Railways zonal website's - like southern railway or western railway, in their press releases you will find announcements pertaining to run of "special trains". One common sentence you will see in almost every railway press release related to  running of new train is

To clear extra rush, Western Railway has decided to run ­one Weekly “Superfast” summer special train between...
It is quite clear that India Railway is finding it mighty difficult to provide seats to all their customers. So that they don't loose on revenue owing to people turning to other modes of transportation - like flights and buses, railway is keen to introduce as many new trains as possible. Remember that in this years railway budget no new train was announced by the railway minister. And the fact that now railway is overlooking that budget and running new trains tel you how much rush of passengers is coming to railway.

There is no chance of anyone having a confirm seat to cancel their tickets. When no tickets are going to get cancelled, there is almost no chance of anyone having unconfirmed ticket (RAC and WL) to get it confirmed. Once people realise this fact - they won't bother to check PNR status in next few days.

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