Indian Railways user are querying about: how to get IRCTC PNR status with passenger name.

Those who have a railway ticket may check PNR status  by going to train enquiry and select PNR status enquiry to find the railway reservation status.

irctc pnr
One thing you would have noticed is that when you check the railway status - the form in which you enter your PNR number, which has 10 digits, doesn't ask you to enter a passenger name even once. Hence there is a confusion about whether one can check the PNR status with name or not.

Upon checking your PNR status, you'll find that the railway enquiry website ( would return coach number and seat number, if your reservation is confirmed; or will list out the waiting list or RAC status in case reservation is not confirmed. But there is no passenger name displayed there in either case.

Once place where the PNR status and passenger name appear together is when you go to login to IRCTC next generation website for booking online tickets. IRCTC send message to confirm booking on users registered mobile. This message has both PNR status and passenger name listed. Here also only the name of first passenger booked on a ticket is listed. Names of other passengers is not shown.

Thus it is clear now that to get IRCTC PNR status with the name of passenger one has to rely on message send by IRCTC online ticket booking site. The Indian Railways site doesn't yet display the name of reserved passengers with PNR status online.

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