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Railway PNR Status Check

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Use form below to enter your railway ticket's PNR number, and Get Status. There are exactly 10 digits in your PNR.

Indian railways commenced its passenger train services in 1853 when a train ran from Bombay to Thane, is a lifeline to the nation since. Over the years it has continued to evolve as an organization, has added thousands of passenger coaches, locomotives, and freight wagons to its rolling stock, and is proud employer of over 1.307 million employees.

Various types of train's that Indian Railway posses are identified by a 5 digit numbering system. Mainly trains can be classified as Duronto Express, Rajdhani Express, AC Express, Double Decker Express, Shatabdi Express, Yuva Express, Garib Rath, Jan Shatabdi Express, Sampark Kranti Express, Intercity Superfast Express/ Mail, Kavi Guru Express, Vivek Express, Rajya Rani Express, Express, Passenger and Fast Passenger, Suburban Trains, Metro, and Tourist train types.  The equipment, bogies, and locomotives for these trains are manufactured in Indian Railway's rail coach factories, production units. There are mainly 6 manufacturing plants for producing rolling stock. That railway is serious to grow more is clear with the railway board's setting up of high level railway restructuring committee to mobilize resources for major railway projects.

The tickets issued to passengers for travel in above trains (except for Metro Trains) are however assigned a 10 digit unique number, also known as PNR number, and is used for tracking reservation status of the passenger.

There are many websites to check PNR status. But the one IRCTC suggests to get PNR status is Indian Railway enquiry website - While it is good, the most annoying part of it is the need to enter the Captcha text. A Captcha is an Image that contains some characters (code) that is needed to be entered by the user before submitting the form. It is basically used to verify that it is indeed a human who is submitting the information and not a machine.

This page explains how to check IRCTC PNR Status without entering Captcha text, so that it can be done quickly. Most people feel that captcha's are hard to read and hence waste time.

Each railway ticket and Electronic Reservation Slip i,e,the printout of ticket booked on IRCTC online, has a 10 digit number on each ticket. This number is known as "PNR Number". Full form of PNR is - "Passenger Name Record". No two tickets can have the same PNR and due to this uniqueness, it can be used to check/ track the status of reservation of a passenger. There is more than one method to check status of a railway ticket. These are explained below.

Train PNR Status Check Methods

1.Go To PNR Status Enquiry page on Indian Railway Website

The simplest way to check Train PNR status is to click here to go to the railway reservation enquiry located at or go to and provide the 10 digit PNR number of a rail ticket to get the latest status. It is perhaps the most popular method that people use for the purpose of getting status of their rail tickets. The only problem, and the one which we are focusing here to eliminate, is that annoying Captcha image.

captcha code on pnr status page
Indian Railway PNR status with captcha code

Needless to say that you would require the correct code shown in Captcha if you use this method. But if you want to avoid it, go to hindi version of Indian Railways website. The webpage does not have it. This is how it looks.

pnr status page without captcha code
Indian Railway PNR status without captcha code

A good alternate to is erail.

2. Get PNR Status By Sending SMS

If you have a mobile phone you can use its messaging facility to retrieve the latest status of rail ticket anytime. Just send your number to 139 in the format shown below. Wait for reply.

PNR <space> <10 digits of pnr no.>

If above number doesn't work, there is an alternate number for getting pnr status. The number is - 54959.  Picture below shows how one can use this "PNR by SMS service" facility.

pnr status enquiry by sms

And again there is no captcha code required.

3. Call on Railway Enquiry number 139

If you are traveling or you are in a situation where you cannot access the internet nor you can compose a message, you can simple call on Indian Railway universal enquiry number 139 and follow the instruction on IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). Basically it will ask you to provide your PNR and then press a certain key. Upon doing your the current reservation status of your ticket will be told to you. This method requires to enter only number, but still no captcha code is needed to be send.

Understanding PNR Status Codes

When you use methods 1 and 2 above, the result of query is returned in the form of codes. One must have a basic knowledge of these codes in order to understand the "passenger reservation status" clearly.

In general users will be dealing with three codes - "CF", "RAC", "WL". These are explained below.

PNR Status Explanation

Depending upon when a train ticket is booked, the reservation status can have many values. These are denoted by codes.

CF PNR Status

CF (Confirmed) - In the case the status returned in confirmed, person having such a ticket is allowed to board the train. Not only he can travel but a passenger is also given a full seat in a class of travel for which a ticket was purchased. It means that in a Sleeper (SL) coach a full seat will be provided to sleep. In case of Chair Car (CC) passenger with confirmed ticket will have a sitting accommodation. 

RAC PNR Status

RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) - In the case the status returned is 'RAC', a passenger is allowed to board the train but he will not get a full seat. However he is sure to get a sitting accommodation. In this case a full sleeper seat is shared between the two passengers. In case someone with confirmed status cancels his ticket or a seat becomes vacant during the train run, the running staff of railway can allot a full seat to the passenger. The order in which seats are allotted depends upon the position in RAC queue. The status returned clearly shows this position by a number which is suffixed to RAC code. For example, RAC 12 means that 12 cancellations of confirmed tickets will be required for a passenger to have a chance of getting a full seat. Obviously, the lesser the RAC position, more are the chances of getting a full accommodation.

WL PNR Status

WL (Waiting List) - In case the status returned is 'WL', a passenger is not allowed to board the train. Only if waiting list status improves to 'RAC' or 'CF', a person can take the journey. Those passengers who are not able to take up the journey are refunded their money as per railway rules. There are usually two WL's on a railway ticket. For example the status could be "WL 12/ WL 8". The first number here shows the status at the time of booking railway ticket. The second number shows that waiting list status is improved by the time ticket booking is complete, and passenger is now at 8th position in waiting queue.

PNR Status SMS Gateway

Recently the Indian Railway has started the SMS gateway. This service automatically sends messages to the railway ticket buyers to alert them on status of their reservation till the time the train is departed. Users can make use of this service to get free alerts on timely basis to get to know what is the status of railway reservation. Users subscribing to this service won't have to use above mentioned methods to check the pnr status. It will automatically be updates to them by the railway gateway.

PNR Status FAQ

Q. Where can I locate my PNR number?
A. PNR number is located on top left corner of a railway ticket. Facing a ticket, you will see a 10 digit number on top right corner.

Q. What is flushed PNR?
A. Flushed PNR is unused pnr number. It simply means that there is no entry about it in the passenger name record maintained by railway servers. It is shown when a user mistakenly enters incorrect number while checking status online.

Q. What is meant by 'partially confirmed' status?
A. Partially confirmed status is a term used to denote 'RAC' and 'WL' status together.

Q. Can I board the train with 'WL' status?
A. No. You can't. When we say this we assume that you are asking to travel in reserved coach. You can always travel in general i.e. non reserved coach. You'll need to buy a separate ticket though.

Q. Can railway allot me seat in a class other than for which I have a wait listed ticket?
A. Yes. But you must opt for auto upgradation in order to have a chance of getting confirmed seat in higher class. 

Q. Why I am not able to get my pnr status between 11.30 pm and 00.30 am on railway website?
A. The railway website is down for maintenance for one hour. You can use other methods described above.

Q. What is IRCTC PNR Status?
A. IRCTC PNR status is same as Indian Railway PNR status. IRCTC is a railway reservation website which is used for online ticket booking over internet. 


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