Sometime when you check PNR status, the status shown is 'Can/Mod'. Many people are curious to know: What exactly does Can/Mod PNR status means?

There are two terms in "Can/Mod". Can and Mod. These are explained below.

Can: stands for cancellation. It tells that railway has assigned a PNR number to a ticket, but the ticket is marked for cancellation. This PNR number won't be allotted to any other ticket and it will eventually be 'Flushed'.

Mod: stands for modified. It tells that the ticket is modified after it was assigned a PNR number. This happens when a customer or railway officials change journey details. This could be change in passenger name, modification in travel class, date of journey etc.

Can/Mod PNR status meaning

Now we can easily state what Can/Mod PNR status means. In light of above explanation it means that the ticket is marked for cancellation or is modified after its issuance.

It is important for users to keep in mind that they should never made cancellations of railway tickets in hurry. Do it on if it is must. Once you cancel your ticket it is not guaranteed that you will get a confirmed seat when you book a ticket next time. If you really need to cancel the ticket, we recommend you to check the seat availability in train before doing so.

Sometimes only one or few passengers need to be cancelled, but not all. This could be due to someone deciding not to travel due to personal reasons or last time change tour plan. If this is the case you can easily do so without cancelling entire ticket. For example, in case of online ticket booking one can login to and select a booked ticket from list of booked tickets, and modify it online.

We hope that it would be quite clear by now to users what is can/mod PNR status and when one should cancel his ticket or modify it.

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