Many users complain about irctc email verification problem: IRCTC registration email is not received by them yet. As a result of this the activation of their IRCTC account is not possible, and they don't know what to do.

It is important to know the significance of this problem. As you know, it is extremely easy to create new account on IRCTC. Signup basically requires filling up online information about yourself. But successfully furnishing personal details is not enough. The account needs to be activated. Without activation, the purpose for which a user creates a new account on IRCTC: for doing online railway reservation, is not served.

sample irctc registration email

Now you should know how the account is activated. When you submit requisite details through online form, IRCTC responds by sending you a confirmation mail. This email consists of auto-generated password and link to activate your account, along with other guidelines. User then is required to use the activation link and key in his username and password, sent to him through IRCTC registration conformation email, in irctc login box in order to activate his account. User also needs to enter mobile verification code. The code to verify mobile number sent on mobile itself and hence it is not a major problem, as it can be obtained without having to receive registration email from IRCTC.

The activation of IRCTC account is a one time process. But it is important process to go through. This one task must be completed before one is able to do anything relevant on IRCTC site. One can of course read online guides, terms and conditions, alerts and updates, but cannot book tickets without logging in. And signing-in into, is possible only after account is activated.

Now it is expected to get registration email (i.e. email confirming registration) from IRCTC within few minutes of account creation. Most users receive it in their inbox within 5-10 minutes of submitting registration details. But still there are few who don't get it. Because of it they cannot proceed towards online ticket booking: the only reason for which they registered themselves. So, the question naturally to user's mind: "Do I need to do registration on IRCTC again to get confirmation email? Or Should I wait?" But for how long one can wait? Time is important here. One cannot keep on waiting and hoping that email would come sooner or later. As more and more time pass by, the problem of seat availability will occur. Already there is scarcity of seats in trains due to heavy rush in peak season.

Look, there is no quick solution to this problem. We recommend you to wait for at least 2 hours. Also don't forget to check your email's junk and spam folders. Many users who have complained in past about non receipt of IRCTC email, have actually found it in spam and junk folders.

If you don't get the email even after couple of hours of wait, we recommend you to try and do registration again. We do understand that it is bit frustrating, but there is no other solution. Some of you might think of contacting IRCTC, but you will get the same reply:"Wait or do registration again."

While having to create account again might be frustrating, you need to do it. There could be thousand reasons why you don't get email from IRCTC. Some of these are listed below:

  • You entered the wrong email address at the time of registration. IRCTC could have sent registration email to the address you provided wrongly. Hence you will never receive it in your real account.
  • Your account might not have got created at first place. You might have submitted the details through online form to create a new IRCTC account, but due to some technical problem at server end the registration process might got interrupted, and hence no new account created. Since new account did not materialized, there is no question of receiving IRCTC registration email.
  • It is possible that due to heavy rush of users IRCTC has suspended the registration process temporarily to take load off the server for a while. In such a case, IRCTC won't accept the new requests for registration and it won't send any emails either.
Our experience shows that if you are willing to work bit harder, and don't stop yourself from going through registration process again and again, a time would come when you actually receive email from IRCTC confirming you account creation, and using information in it (activation link, password and username) you can easily do activation. The activation link can also be copied from email and pasted directly into the browser address bar to activate the account.

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