There many people around the world who come to India to see Jammu and Kashmir: paradise on earth. Train is the best transport to explore India and its culture. So it is not surprising to see these tourists asking: Is there are any train from Delhi to Srinagar (capital city of state of J&K).

Delhi is capital of India. And as you would expect there is a railway facility available. In fact there are more than one railway stations in India. State of Jammu & kashmir do have a railway facility, but it is not available as much as it is in other states of the country.

So, can one reach Srinagar from Delhi by train?

We thought it will be useful for railway users to have the answer available easily. We decided to do a bit of research on this. What we found is discussed below.

We want to a site that provides information about train between the stations. If you think you know the site, you might be wrong. This information is not available on popular railway enquiry: site. This is a special site. Your guess about "National Train Enquiry"is also wrong.

Let's move on from railway enquiry, and find trains.

So we specified source station as "New Delhi" and destination as "Sri nagar" in online form to find the trains and submitted it.

trains between new delhi and srinagar

 Here is what we got in response:"Sorry, No matching trains found from New Delhi (NDLS) to SRINAGAR (J&K) (SINA) station."

In above message, please note "NDLS" and "SINA". These are station codes for New Delhi and Srinagar(J&K) railway stations respectively.

Also it is important that you notice J&K after Sri Nagar. It is important to mention this short form for Jammu and Kashmir since there is another Srinagar in India. Who knows train might be available from Delhi to that other Srinagar.

Just to be completely sure about the fact that there is no train available between Delhi and Srinagar, we tried to find out if there is any train available from other railway stations located at Delhi (remember there are more than 1 railway stations in capital of india). We tried following stations:

  • Delhi Cantt (DEC),
  • Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE),
  • Delhi or 'Purani Dilli' (DLI),
  • Delhi Azadpur (DAZ),
  • Delhi Kishanganj (DKZ),
  • Delhi Indrapuri (DLPI),
  • Delhi Shahdara (DSH),
  • Delhi Safdarjung (DSJ).
Unfortunately, the result was same. We are afraid that there is no direct train available from Delhi to capital of J&K. 

What we also found was that there is extensive network of rail from Nowgam railway station (name of srinagar railway station) towards Baramulla. But there is no link yet from Jammu Tawi or Maa Vashno Devi Katra. The work is in progress to lay a railway track. Once completed, the travelers can enjoy a train ride direct from rest of the country, including Delhi, to Srinagar. Until then you can only go as far as Katra railway station by the train: Shri Shakti Express. India Railway also runs some special trains (including premium trains) from time to time. So check them out.

One hope that all railway links are made quickly and kashmir railway mega project is completed soon. Until then people will have to wait to cross 11 km Pir Panjal Railway tunnel by train, and to enjoy other beautiful spots lying on kashmir railway route when going from Delhi side.

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