Booking Jio Phone online is really simple, and booking is free of cost. The cost of device is mere Rs 699 and you can enjoy the cheapest mobile prepaid/postpaid recharge plans when you buy it offered by Reliance Jio.

It is definitely one of those rare smartphones which fits your budget.

Booking JIO Phone Online

To get brand new JIO phone you need to order it online. There is no other way. It is not available on flipkart store near you and is available online only. Beware of unauthorized sellers who are giving fake phone on the name of JIO smartphone. For booking your device online, follow these steps:
  • Note down the number of you existing phone (this phone sim can be of any company ).
  • Now go to following  official jio phone booking page.
  • Enter you noted down phone number, and click on "Generate OTP".
  • Submit the OTP (One Time Password), and fix an appointment.
  • After completing the process a new JIO Phone will be delivered to your home address in few days.  
    jio phone online booking

Advantages of Booking Jio Phone

When you do online booking of a reliance JIO phone allows to have following benefits :
  • Jio phone makes use of vast 4G network of reliance available across India.
  • You get unlimited internet data on your new jio phone device.
  • You get free voice calls when you call on other jio phones or landline phones.
  • Due to high quality connectivity there are no call drop problems and you can do crystal clear conversation.
  • People having JIO phone get free access to many jio entertainment apps and services like Tv and movies app,  AJIO store (for shopping), Jio's online payment bank app
  • Listening to HD music is fun on JIO phone and it is free for all the customers who have a JIO sim.
jio phone 3
jio phone features

After booking Jio Phone Online

There are some important  things you must check after ordering your jio phone online. These are:
  • Make sure you are getting latest version of jio mobile. The latest version is JIO Phone 3.0
  • The original JIO phone has 2.4 inch QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array) display screen. Check it out, and see there are no scratches and it is not broken.
  • Your phone will work only with JIO sim. Insert the SIM card and make sure you are getting clear signal. Try to call your relatives from different location and make sure it works smoothly everywhere.
  • Connect to Internet and open up apps like facebook, what's app on your JIO phone. Apps should load content quickly since JIO phones are designed to provide the best online experience. Check it out.
  • Make sure that there is a battery charger and headphone jack, provided to you along with JIO phone.
  • Check out the phone's torch in dark and also ensure that it is connecting to local FM radio stations.
  • The primary memory (RAM) is 4GB and storage is expandable up to size of 128 GB, which is big enough to store your clicked photographs and videos.
  • JIO phone only supports single SIM of NANO type and come only in black color. This is another way to identify orignal JIO phone.

JIO Phone Booked Online Working

As regard to working of phone two things are exteremely important for you to know:

  • As per policy of Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd. you should recharge your phone with minimum of Rs 1500 in a year, to keep your JIO phone subscription active.
  • The recharge should be done only through authorized JIO recharge retailers only

How to return JIO Phone Online

In case you find any faults or your phone becomes non functional after few days you can return your jio mobile phone and get your money back. The refund you get depends upon the time after which you are returning the phone.
  • Returning JIO phone before 12 months of usage will fetch you entire 699 INR as refund.
  • If you return after 12 months but before 24 months, reliance jio will pay you INR 499 as refund.
  • However, if usage period exceeds 24 months but not 36 months you are eligible to get INR 299 as refund.
Make sure your phone doesn't have a major wear and tear while returning. In most cases company accepts the returned phones.

If you have any questions regarding jio phone you can contact  JIO Phone Care Manager .

Address: Building 4, Reliance Corporate Park, Ghansoli, Thane Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai - 400 701 Email: Website:

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