You can pickup your ordered items and even return defective products at flipkart stores nearby. "Flipkart Store Near Me" is a facility  provided by Flipkart Private Ltd. which is extremely useful for those customers who are always on the move and are not currently staying at permanent address.

Look at some of the products that are being offered at flipkart stores near you to get started. Really good products at cheap prices. Isn't it?

flipkart store near me

Coming back to flipkart (one of India's favorite online shopping  store), you know that flipkart delivers your products at certain address. But many of you are doing job, live alone, and hence its almost impossible for you to stay at home to collect your ordered items when flipkart's courier comes for delivery. This is where flipkart pickup store comes to rescue.

Ever since Walmart has become owner of Flipkart (Indian E-commerce company) expectations have risen among its customers. With international brand associated, world class services are expected.

Most Popular Items on Flipkart Store Selling Near you

Dresses: We checked that the ladies suits and some of the gents suits are being ordered crazily by people near you at flipkart. Why don't you get it before they do. Quickly go to flipkart clothing store (must check out for ethnic wear and party dresses).

Smart Led TVs: These TVs are available at such a low price that you must get one now. Get One Now.  Here is the list of  top 10 most popular LED TVs in India with prices.

Smart Phones: Buy new or exchange your old phone which is giving problems to you. Flipkart Stores are full of new phones. Pick one of these excellent phones shown here that definitely fit your budget.

Shoes: Trust us, you won't find better shoes than these ones anywhere else than on We researched and found that shoes listed on flipkart stores are of high quality. And even if some defect arise, you know it is very easy to return and get money back or replacement. No problems whatsoever.

Flipkart Store Locations

Some of the earliest stores that flipkart opened are located in following cities: Bengaluru, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Vellore, Gurgaon, Vadodora and Surat. Over the time the network of stores have increased and they even work as goods stores for Flipkart Pvt Ltd.

In order to save time and logistics costs, stocks of most popular products on are stored here. This not only helps in quicker delivery but also makes item cheaper for customer, since the product cost is not affected by day to day changes in transportation costs which would have been the case had the products were shipped from remote location and not from local store.

FAQ on Flipkart Stores

What items are kept in flipkart stores near my location?

Stores kept products which are mostly in demand.  The product range is vast. Products in store include large home appliances, electronics, furniture, grocery. Even small items like 'miss me tablet' is also available to pickup stores for delivery to those who order it online.

Can I buy Products from flipkart Store near me?

Unfortunately, you can't. All orders on flipkart are place online. However, if you get a defective product or want to change it, you can return it to the store. Once your return is approved (which usually is the case) your amount will be refunded to your bank account or wallet, whichever you used for making payment.

What to do if I can't find a flipkart store near me?
If you are unable to locate a flipkart store nearby you can try out one of the following:
  1. Try to find location of flipkart pickup store on Google local search. Just make sure you enable location on your device. That in search box type "Flipkart Stores Near Me".
  2. Second option is to contact is customer care of  Telephone number is 1800 208 9898
Using above two options will definitely help you get to know whether or not a store is available in your city. Good chances are that there will be presence of some outlet or store, if you are living in big towns and cities.

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