Looking to buy new television? Here are top 10 most popular LED TVs in India with their latest price. LED TV prices in India vary from as low as Rs 3,999 to as high as Rs 3,53,390.

Bringing LED TV, brings smiles to your family. Straightaway you can see some exciting feature packed TV sets  here. They are really really good.

TVs sold by Amazon comes with replacement guarantee and free installation. One can buy with confidence.

Low price of TV doesn't mean it is a bad product, neither high price means that it is the best one. Prices are often misleading. Hence, we our focus here is to only list those LED TVs which are mostly in demand and liked by people and who have positive reviews on them.

Tv Price in India

TV price in India also keep varying from season to season. Sometimes during festive season, which is on now, you can get slightly expensive TV at great price.  Have look at TV Sale on Flipkart.

Most Selling TV with PRICEs in India

# TV Model Price (INR) Special Feature
1 Panasonic 49 Inch Ultrasmart LED TV 42999 16 watt speaker output, IPS
2 LG Untra HD 49 Inch LED Smart TV 58999 60 HZ refresh rate, netflix, youtube
3 MI LED 30 Inch Smart TV with Android 12499 hotstar, 20W speaker output
4 Samsung 7 in 1 LED TV 15999 HD ready, Prime Video, Tizen OS
5 VU 80 cm LED TV 9499 FM Radio, HDMI, USB
6 LG All in One Smart TV 2019 Edition 17999 Youtube, prime video, hd ready, HDMI, Netflix, WebOS
7 Sony Bravia 2 inch Full HD LED Smart TV 31855 Gaming Console, Dynamic contrast enhancer, 2 HDMI ports
8 Kodak 40 inch full HD LED TV 14499 Full HD, Blu Ray players, 2 HDMI USB ports
9 Sanyo 49 inch Smart Certified UHD LED TV 38999 Ultra high Definition, dolby digital, home theatre, blue ray, 3 HDMI ports, google certified tv
10 Samsung 49 inch Full HD LED Smart TV 42999 micro dimming pro, skin tone, bright pictures, rich colors, ultra pix, dolby digital plus

All these television are available on Amazon India. You can learn more about them and order them online.  Great Indian Festival Sale is going on. There is a great chance of getting at TV at cheap prices. Don't 

Having look through all the popular LED TV and at which price they are selling in India. You must be wondering what to buy?

To make it easier for you we have few tips for you.

Which TV is Worth Buying at its Price

  1. Look for a television which offers something newer than the television you already have.
  2. Television you buy should at least have connectivity options to internet and ports to attach other external devices. This is important because most of the virtual world is now on internet.
  3. Choose the right TV size. Look at the size of your room.  Than measure the distance of wall on which you shall mount your TV onto from your sofa. TV shouldn't be too small or too large. If viewing distance is less than 10 feet, don't buy TV larger than 40 inches.
  4. Display is the most important TV property.  Always go for LED display. They work great in all types of conditions and picture quality and viewing experience remain excellent even when viewed from different angles. Go for IPS LED Panels to enhance viewing from all angles. OLED and QLED TVs already have a great viewing angles.
  5. Go for high resolution TV. It gives clear and sharper pictures. After all what is worth buying a TV which doesn't give you cinema hall like experience?
  6. Buy a 4k TV. In future all the movies, serial will be shot in 4k resolution.  By purchasing a 4k LED TV you will ensure that your TV continues to display your favorite entertainment in highest quality.
  7. Higher refresh rate screen must be your priority. Don't get overwhelmed. Ensuring this will mean you TV won't blur while displaying high motion scenes and videos.
  8. TV you are buying must have HDMI, USB ports at least. With HDMI port you can transfer both sound and Video content to and from other devices. USB allows you to connect digital camera, hard drive, pen drive to your TV to watch content stored i those devices, like photographs, song videos.
  9. One o the more important thing to keep in mind while buying a TV is sound your TV produces. Our recommendation is to go for TV with Dolby Digital or DTS premium sound technology. Also there should be various sound modes like movies, cinema, sports, music etc to enhance overall experience of TV watching.
  10. Last thing is that it should be easy to carry your telivision. You don't to mount a cumbersome ugly looking TV in your living room. Go for attractive looking, yet which is having most of above features and qualities. Obviously the TV price will vary depending upon which and how many above important feature it supports.
Thank you! Hope you have enjoyed going through this TV post. 

TV prices shown above are likely to change anytime. Make sure you verify and check them again before placing your order.

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