Is there any way to login to IRCTC without using username and password? No wonder many people want to know about this, as entering username and password again and again could be quite frustrating.

After making irctc user id, people feel elated because now they have a quick way of booking railway tickets online. But over a period of time what they realize is that they need to keep up with remembering their login details.

Most ecommerce website provide secure login. IRCTC is also an ecommerce website which do business by providing railway ticket booking, catering and tour package booking services. Secure login is done through username and password.

Since it is quite easy to forget login details, and IRCTC realize that it can be quite boring for user to enter same details again and again, each time they login, they have come up with solution which allow users to login to IRCTC without username and password.

Use Self Assigned PIN to Login

This option is available to customers of IRCTC who use their  rail connect app.  Looka t this screen shot from app itself.

  1. Users can assign themselves a numerical PIN.
  2. PIN has exactly 4 digits.
  3. For Login you need to just enter this PIN. (no need of username and password).
  4. IRCTC remembers your registered mobile number already.
  5. You can login by entering PIN only on phone which you provided using registration process.


OTP stands for 'One Time Password'. This option is available to both, app users and users. 

  1. Request IRCTC to send you one time password for login to the next generation ticket booking system, by checking 'login and booking with OTP' option.
  2. An OTP will be send on your registered mobile phone.
  3. This OTP is valid only for few minutes.
  4. Once you enter the correct OTP and send it for verification you will be logged in automatically.
Thus you can see there is indeed a way, more than one in fact, to book tickets on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) without using username and password.

This also makes ticket booking process quick. It is important that you book tickets as quickly as possible because there is always a possibility that seats might not be available for you if other have already booked it.

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