Budget smartphones are very popular across India. In fact it is a big mistake to buy phones other than budget smartphones. These phones fit into your pocket, in terms of both price and feature.

Generally people think that budget smartphone are the ones that are cheaper, say for example: phones under 10000. That is not entirely true.

Price has nothing to do with it. Rather it depends upon how much you are willing to spend on a smartphone you wish to purchase. It is always good to write down in your diary in bold letters the amount you will allocate for purchasing a new phone set.

This will greatly help you in avoiding overspending on a gadget. Also write down the minimum features, like camera resolution, technologies, connectivity and storage you want in a phone.

If you are willing to spend 50000 than any phone that comes under that is a budget phone for you. Also if you get features similar to an expensive phone in another phone whose price is much lesser than that expensive phone, than the latter is a budget phone.

Here are two smartphone buy links that you were looking for years:

  1. Smartphone Store for budget phones
  2. High performing Smartphones
They might look a bit different, but check out now and see that you will have your smartphone listed there. And we know it is exactly what you are looking for.

Guys when you go to popular marketplaces when phones are sold, online and offline, you will find big variation in prices. At the time of writing this article the least expensive phone available on Amazon India costs just Rs 1600 while the most expensive one costs Rs 68000.

On flipkart the least expensive smartphone costs Rs 399 and most expensive one is Apple iPhone pro max which is listed at a price of Rs 1,41, 900.

In deals section of Amazon we found the least expensive phone at around Rs 6000 while the expensive one was a phone from Apple at Rs 99,990.

Generally it is seen that as the time pass by, slowly and slowly the price of a phone starts coming down. This is because there is less demand of older phones, as new ones takes the center stage with latest technology and features.

Here is a pro tip: Just add you favorite phone in a wish list of any online store. Than wait for few days ( it will need patience on your part). In few days, 3-4 months, there is every likelihood that that particular phone is available at a cheaper rate, much under the budget you set aside for purchasing a new mobile/phone.

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