Those who are looking for a good quality phone under 10000 rupees, Lenova Vibe K5 is possibly the best among the lot. It is studded with all the stunning features, some of them are only available in high end phones.

Why we say that Lenova Vibe K5 is  possibly the best under 10000 Phones?

There is a solid reason behind this claim. We've actually tested this phone personally, and we got more than what we  expected for a phone which costs not even 10000.
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You could be the first to see and know about the best phone below price INR 10 K in India. So, congrats!

This is what we got:
  • We got stunning pictures with its 13 mp rear camera. The selfies were outstanding too. Everyone liked them when we share them.
  • The battery lasted for a magnificent 322 hrs on a standby. And when we used its WiFi internet and played high end games, the battery still lasted for about 16 hrs.
  • The best part was the phone's performance. It didn't hung up even once. There were no heating problems (it is one problem which most under 10k phones have).
This low price mobile phone has one of the most stylish looks. It's metal body shines like anything, giving you a reason to be even more attractive.

2GB RAM operating with Android v5.1 Lollipop operating system is a powerful combination which ensures that you can easily run any heavy application without worrying about anything. It allows you to play top quality games, playback music and videos, and do much more. It is a dual sim 4G phone. Yes, both SIM cards are 4G. So you are purchasing the most modern phone.

Fact of the matter is that, the new Lenova Vibe K5 delivers you more benefits that what you are imagining now. It is hard to believe that all this comes to you with a price as low as it is.

So, now that you have decided to buy a new phone, it's time to take action. The best under 10000 phone is waiting to get into your hands. 

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