Which are best smartphones under 10000 in India? And when you know it which one to buy?

Decision to buy a brand new smartphone can take toll on your mind. It's not easy to put finger on which phone to go with especially when you have low budget and choices available are reasonably large.

Here are 10 pointers which will be of great help to you while purchasing a new mobile phone in India (especially).

Top 10 Smartphone Buy Pointers

1. RAM greater than 3GB : Random Access Memory is needed by phones OS to run the application. Larger RAM, smoother will be the functioning of your phone.

2. HD Display:  Mobile phone must possess high definition display screen to render bright and crisp pictures. Most video and image content these days is being recorded in high definition.

3. Long fast charging Battery: While playing videos and games, the phone battery can run out quickly. You must buy such sub Rs 10000 phone which has great battery and comes with replacement guarantee.

4. Reliable: Phone should be of metal and should not break down easily. In particular ensure that it has high quality screen and it doesn't get scratched up easily.

5. Sound Quality: High quality of sound us must in your phone. What is phone without a sound? It is necessary that you should be able to hear clear voice of the person who is calling you. Good quality speakers in phone also ensure great music listening experience.

6. Storage: Minimum storage you must look for is 32 GB these days. Most popular apps like facebook, whatsapp, twitter occupy large amount of storage space in your phone. If your phone has small storage, where your will store your pictures and videos?

7. Camera: Both rear and front camera should be of high resolution. Rear camera is used 90 percent of the time. Front camera is for selfies. Surely you want a great result when you click your camera. Much of it depends on DPIs in your phone camera.

8. Guarantee: Even 10000 Rupees is plenty of money. Phone manufacturer should give guarantee that if anything happens to phone after purchasing he will replace the accessories and phone itself for free. Guarantee should be for minimum 2 years from date of purchase.

9. Latest Software: This is very important. Without having latest android version or any other operating system. you won't be able to enjoy the new wonderful apps and games available for free on playstore. Your phone should have Android Oreo or Pie at least.

10. Attractiveness/looks: This is least important. Buy just because you cannot spend more than RS 10000, don't get satisfied with ugly looking phone. With bit of effort and searching, you will be able to find the phone which looks good. Go for phone having body of a color which you loves. Choose the one which is of your lucky color.

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