The key to making any trip memorable lies in the preparation you do before boarding out and what you do after you reach your favorite place. Without a proper planning you'll always waste your time more in arranging and organizing things, rather then enjoying the trip itself. This short guide is must for all travel buffs if they want to make most out of their planned trip.

Short Guide to Make Trip Best Ever

Travelling is a great experience. It's mysterious in a way. You don't know what to expect. And this mystery creates wonder, but you should be awake enough to enjoy it. Most times people finish their tour and comeback home as if nothing new has happened. They would remember more how they caught up in the traffic, or in quarrel with someone - while bargaining for hotel room or booking taxi for a local sightseeing, rather than about the place, it's culture and traditions, it's tasty food, or history.

Here we list some of the most important keys to make your trip best ever.

keys to make your trip better

Plan Tour properly

Well before you book your tickets, you need to be crystal clear of the place you would like to spend your holidays in. It is important to take your time and plan your travel intelligently. Do some research about your destination. In particular you should know about what is the best season to visit a particular place. Some important local events, like local festivals, of tourist interest happens only during certain time period. So that you don't miss it, it is important to schedule your tour accordingly. The best source for all this information is the most popular book among travelers named "lonely planet". Here is India edition of lonely planet. It's an amazing book which will not only provide useful general information to you, but will also tell you exactly - from where to eat, which is the best shop to buy a popular local item, what is the common fare to reach from one place to other etc in a city.

Other important things to find out before you leave for a trip is to gather information about the conditions of the road, the current weather, and most importantly whether or not the local atmosphere is right to make a visit to the place.

Sometimes people pack their bags in a hurry and leave, only to find out upon reaching half way that the entry in town is not allowed because of riots or some other social disturbance. Always read news related to your travel destination, especially 2-3 days before the scheduled departure of your flight or train.

Keep Light Baggage

don't put black cat in the bag to keep it light

You might have best dresses in the world, but you won't need them all. Pack your travel bag with only stuff you need while traveling. For a weekly tour a pair of jeans is sufficient. It is important to keep your baggage light. You'll save plenty of money that you'll otherwise spend in porter charges. At some places you might be required to carry your suitcases and bags yourself. And not everywhere you'll find people to help you out when it comes to carrying your weight.

Book Hotels and Local Tours in Advance

It is always wise to book hotel accommodation well in advance. Few people use their brain too much and using it make a trip during off season thinking that rooms would be easily available. People tend to do this because the hotel room rates are also down during off season. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Remember, everyone is using their brains. They are all planning a tour in off season to save their hard earned money. As such there is no off season anymore. Beside the room to stay, it is recommended to arrange and book local sight seeing tour in advance too. Make use of customized tour packages, available at places like IRCTC Tourism to arrange travel, hotel, and local tours together.

Keep an Eye on your Health 

tablets for common illness

If you are prone to some allergy, or have been going through some treatment recently, you should keep a stock of the medicines prescribed by your doctor while touring. It is common scenario that the tablets recommended by doctor located in one city are not available in other city. Usually the medicine with same composition (salts) are available, but not of the same company. You should also carry medicines for headaches, common cold, mouth ulcer, indigestion and diarrhea, swelling and other common problems. We recommend to carry a ayurvedic home remedy book with you that has instant solutions on how to cure common illness using daily use products that are easily available in market. Also keep pure drinking water in clean bottle with you. Most people fell ill by consuming contaminated water from road side.

Spend Money Wisely

It is so easy to get lost into mesmerizing local flavors and spend your money wildly. Always remember that best things might not be at the place for which the place is most famous for. People go to kerala to see the tea plantations, and comeback with bag full of tea, While some of it is worth buying, you can actually get the best kerala tea flavor outside the state, that too at much reasonable prices. One thing more, don't keep too much cash with you. Make use of your ATM cards at most times, and credit and debit cards only when needed. To control expenses keep an eye on attractive travel offers announced recently.

Don't be in a Hurry

hurry not like usain bolt 100 m world record run

Once you have reached your dream destination, relax and make most of it, wherever you are. Don't try to explore hundreds of things in a day. Try to grab a feel of local flavor. Taste local food, talk to local people, just walk down the road. You'll learn lot about the place, the culture and behavior of people, their likes and dislikes. Most people try to explore places at the speed of Usain Bolt and miss out on important things. Don't run, just walk and enjoy!

Don't behave like a stranger

One of the biggest mistake people tend to make is to start behaving like a complete stranger when they are on outing. We see people exit out of railway stations and they immediately start talking to locals about how to reach a certain place or where a certain place is located. Unknowingly they are attracting a big problem for themselves. There are touts in every city who are looking to exploit tourists. It is recommended that you carry local phone numbers of some of your friends, if possible. Also if you need help - approach a traffic policemen or a tourist help center located at airport or railway station. If these are not available talk to some shopkeeper, but don't talk to just about anyone walking down the road. Bed firm. Behave as if you are a local men or the one who knows city inside out. This is where a good travel guide, like "lonely planet" - which we mentioned before, comes in really handy. In fact if you have one with you, you won't face any problem in roaming around the city. Never ever behave like a stranger, in night specially.

Be Early Bird

Wake up at sunrise

A little effort on your part to wake up early in the morning will go in a long way to make your trip a best travelling experience of your life. There are many advantages of leaving bed and hotel early:
  • Roads are empty, you can walk along and explore places easily. No traffic jams and pollution.
  • Best people of city are also early risers. Most people who you see in morning are the one's who care about their health, and thus have a good outlook for life. These people won't harm you.
  • You will have opportunity to taste the early morning breakfast of a city. We believe that each city in India has its unique breakfast. Also the food made first up on road side is purest.
We are damn sure that if you keep even few of the things mentioned above in your mind, you'll never have to ask anyone - How to make my trip best.

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