Recognizing the ever increasing mobile users in India, IRCTC has come up with many apps that allows users to access the services of IRCTC using phones. Together these apps form IRCTC mobile zone. Most of these apps are free to download and runs on all the popular mobile devices powered by operating systems like android and windows.

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Today, it is possible to book railway tickets by sending sms on 139. But you must have one or all of these apps on your phone, if you are a regular railway user.

It is not that you can't book ticket without downloading the apps. The next generation e ticketing system's mobile version is available here. But many users will agree that using specialized apps makes ticket booking even more easier.

Some of the important tasks that a user can do using irctc mobile applications are as follows-

  • Booking railway tickets on mobile with irctc's user id.
  • Cancelling railway eTickets and iTickets i.e. railway tickets booked on internet.
  • Search train between any two stations.
  • New user signup or account registration.
  • Tatkal ticket booking.
  • Train running information.
  • Option to get upcoming journey alerts.
  • Pay for train reservation using mobile phone.

IRCTC Mobile Apps

All the above mentioned tasks can be performed by using the following apps

IRCTC Connect App

This application makes eTicket booking quick and easy. It is designed exclusively for android phones and can be downloaded for free from Google's play store. To install click here.

IRCTC Windows App

This app is made to work exclusively on phones which rely on Windows OS as their underlying operating system. You can go to windows phone store to get IRCTC windows app.

IRCTC's Window App  provides booking facility of Railway tickets online and offers other services like checking reservation status, train schedules, train routes, availability of tickets, cancellation, booking history, recent history, favourites, add passengers as contacts and roaming the transactions between multiple devices.

Features - • Plan my travel • Check PNR Status • Cancellation • Booking History • Frequent Passenger Info • Quick Booking • Preferences • Favourites • Recent History • Live Notifications.

It is updated recently. The changes made provide performance improvements by including new features like -

* User can login using IRCTC password or TPIN
* User Can view the notification with login to App
* Notification delivered as toast messages

To use this app you will need a code called TPIN. Unfortunately IRCTC has stopped working on its windows app, as such it is no longer available.

Spice Safar App

Spice Safar, is a third party irctc app that has a very easy user interface for booking train tickets using mobile phone. It provides irctc authorized ticket booking service. It is highly efficient and provides secure and faster recharge and bookings. It also has an online wallet into which money can be deposited to use later to do payment for buying train tickets online. In order to download it go to SpiceSafar install page on Google playstore..

Cleartrip Mobile App

Although 'cleartrip', is most famous for its seat availability calendar which tells when the vacant berths will be available in particular train by showing it in online calendar, the cleartrp's apps can be used for online inquiry to get trip details, booking accommodation, and to book railway tickets. 


Ngpay is like an online mall where one can buy all travel tickets and do other similar tasks using the phone. The application is free to use. You need an active data connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi) to use ngpay. In order to learn how to use it for accessing irctc read how to book train tickets.


IMPS Merchant Payments (P2M - Person-to-merchant) service allows customers to make instant, 24*7, interbank payments to merchants or enterprises via mobile phone. IMPS enables mobile banking users a facility to make payment to merchants and enterprises, through various access channels such as Internet, mobile Internet, IVR, SMS, USSD.  Get started with IMPS here.

We have provided the most important and complete information on "irctc mobile" here. It is recommended that you bookmark this page on your mobile phone for quick reference in future.

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