So you are about to take a train journey and want to check the running status of train so that you can catch it on time. Or you want to know the arrival and departure time today so that you reach railway station at right time.

Checking live running status of a train helps you out in all the above cases. But are you seriously checking the train status or just lazily trying to mark location of your train over your smartphone?

We warn you big time if you are one of those lazy railway users who download and install any railway app that promises you to give live information of any train of Indian Railway.

train status app
always use official indian railway apps for train staus checking online

Many people have suffered by using third party apps for getting railway information. Recently at Bengaluru KSR city railway station few people missed their train due to wrong arrival time and platform information generated by a third party app. You can read it here.

The official railway app for checking Indian Railway's train running status online is NTES APP (download it, if you haven't already). Don't be lazy.

You should always use official railway apps or at least trust those sites which asks you to confirm the status on national train enquiry system.

The third parties which come up with these railway apps from time to time don't really have sufficient funds and resources to upgrade their software.

This is why as number of users start increasing they tend to stutter and even crash down from time to time, leaving their users with either wrong information or 'waste of time', for sure.

Compared to third party app, have a look at IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) and public sector undertaking and how it constantly upgrades its technology to provide the best user experience, and more importantly correct railway information.

IRCTC is truly a pioneer when it comes to adoption of new technology in e-commerce industry in India. When it launched its online train ticket booking system on August 1, 2002 people could do booking online, but tickets were sent via courier to their home.

Slowly IRCTC upgraded its railway reservation system and came up with concept of e-ticket which freed users from compulsion of keeping printed railway tickets with them. Railway tickets could now be booked online and users can travel by showing the acknowledgement of same received on their phones.

This stirred up major revolution when it comes to railway ticket booking and by 2013-14 almost 48 percent of total railway tickets were being booked on But user base grew significantly in the next year as more and more people were doing irctc login at the same time.

Citing the huge demand for online ticketing, and keeping itself ahead of future demands, in 2015 IRCTC launched its next generation website NGeT. Laced with revamped technology irctc eticket booking system can now book 24000 tickets per minute and can handle 15 lakh users concurrently.

Since 2017 we have seen IRCTC is launching better and better versions of applications for smartphones. Due to all these efforts, more and more people are using internet for doing railway reservation. Not only reserved tickets but general tickets can also be booked through railway UTS  system.

And that's not the end of the story. There is more to it. IRCTC is now incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its software/application development design. VIKALP scheme of Indian Railway is a prime example of artificial intelligence. Under this scheme a person having waiting list pnr status code is allotted a confirmed berth in any other train departing with 24 hours from the boarding station, subject to availability of seat.

The Chat Bot Disha which you see at the bottom right corner of website is another example of AI. It not only answers railway related questions but also learns from what people are asking and prepare itself to answer in better way next time.


No third party developed app will come anyway near to beating the official apps of Indian Railways, be it for finding location of train or for predicting chances of berth confirmation.

In the end we again say that don't be a lazy railway user. Be awake and may be start running before checking train running status.

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