Indian Railway has introduced UTS (Unreserved Ticketing Services), using which users can do railway ticket booking for general class (2nd class) and buy unreserved tickets using mobile phone and online. It works for both windows based and android based phones. Most modern mobile phone sets should be able to make use of  this system for online ticket booking of normal tickets. It makes the booking of general coach tickets like second class, and second sitting coaches easier.

UPDATE: Now you can download railway's rail saarthi app for booking unreserved railway tickets online. It is much easier to book general tickets this way. Only requirement is that, that you must have a smartphone.

no need for people to stand at railway reservation counters
as they have purchased railway tickets using mobile uts.
Everyone knows how railway has improved its services when it comes to providing train tickets for reserved coaches. There are several options. The most popular ones are - going to '' site and reserve seats by using the 3 simple steps to irctc online ticket booking, and using the irctc mobile applications like irctc connect.

Online unreserved ticket booking is already operational in India at 5778 locations across 10760 UTS centres. The estimated profit earned by railway is Rs 1609.57 crore per month which explains why railway was so desperate to have the mobile version operational asap. Like all other information systems of railway, UTS too is developed by CRIS (Centre For Railway Information Systems), an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Railways located at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Update: the service for booking unreserved tickets online is now operational in entire country
Unreserved Ticket in less than 1 min,reduced inconvenience,increased transparency for passengers says - Suresh Prabhu (Railway Minister, India)
There are about 90 percent of commuters who travel in second class and general class coaches to reach their destinations. Since almost everyone carries mobile phone these days, UTS is indeed a great service, as it saves time by freeing up people from torture of standing in long queues at ticket booking counters located at railway stations. Now one can literally buy railway ticket while walking.

Now if you want to know officially how it all works i.e. how to use uts for ticket booking then you can download these two PDF documents which explain everything in detail.

  1. UTS guide for windows phones (download guide).
  2. UTS guide for Android phones (download guide).

To make it further easy for common people to get second class and general tickets of train 1059 ATVMs (Automatic Ticket Vending Machines) have been installed in Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, South Central, South Eastern, East Central Railway and Western Railways till 31.03.2014.Out of which, 125 ATVMs have been condemn by WR (Western Railway).

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