While doing online booking in train, while finalizing railway reservation on IRCTC, the next generation eticketing system asks user whether he want to opt for "auto upgradation".  What is auto-upgradation? And how it works? We will discuss it in detail here.

Also will extra money be charged for passengers who opt for "consider for auto upgradation" option while doing online ticket booking on 'irctc.co.in' ?

IRCTC Auto Upgradation

In order to fill up vacant seats in a train, Indian Railways in 2006 introduced a scheme which when implemented provided a passenger a seat in the immediate upper class, who already has a reserved seat in a lower class, in case of seat availability in a train in upper class. For example, if a passenger has got a seat in sleeper class (SL), and he has also opted for the Indian Railways auto up-gradation scheme at the time of ticket booking, and at the time of chart preparation of train a seat is available in 3 AC class of travel, the particular passenger will be allotted a seat in 3 AC coach.

auto upgradation railway
To know if you are upgraded or not, enter the train name/no. along with chart date
in railway enquiry's upgraded passenger list page.

What happens when customer opts for Auto Upgradation on IRCTC?

When a passenger is up graded, which can be found in upgraded passenger list of railway. No extra charge is levied by the railway on upgraded passenger i.e. no extra money is required to be payed by the passenger. In case of cancellation of ticket, only the cancellation charge applicable to the original class of travel will be applicable.

It must be noted that this scheme is only applicable to full fare waiting list or 'wait-listed' passengers only. It is not applicable to anyone who has booked seats under a concessional quota. This includes senior citizens, ladies, students, etc. If there is no waiting list for a train at the time of preparation of reservation chart, there will be no upgraded passengers in the train.

Are all passengers auto upgraded to higher class of travel?

It should be kept in mind that either all passengers on a single ticket, i.e.passengers booked on same pnr number, are upgraded or none is upgraded. This is done to prevent the split. Even after the travel class change the pnr number remains the same, Thus one can make the railway enquiry with original pnr to know the new coach number and seat number. If a passenger had made a choice of lower berth or any other choice of seat, it will not be considered while the upgrading of passenger takes place.

Benefits of railway auto upgradation 

This scheme is beneficial in a scenario where one wants to travel in, say 2 AC coach, and at the time of ticket booking seat is not available in the wanted coach, but in the lower coach i.e. 3 AC. What one can do? One can do reservation in 3 AC and opt for auto-upgradation, and see what happens. If somehow a seat becomes vacant in upper coach the person might get a wanted seat,

You must be wondering - what happens to the original seat when a passenger is shifted to upper seat?  The seats vacated are allotted to other passengers under RAC scheme. 

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