Every time you cancel a train ticket on IRCTC, some cancellation charges are levied. The latest irctc cancellation charges are mentioned below. These charges will be added to railway cancellation charges before you get refunds. Refund amount is deposited to the same account which you used for booking your train ticket within 2-3 days.

cancellation charges of IRCTC
The process of ticket cancellation on irctc  is simple. But as a railway user you should know what is the policy of IRCTC regarding ticket cancellation. In particular you should be aware of how much amount is charged when you cancel your confirmed reserved railway ticket online.

 Earlier, only those tickets which are booked online on next generation e-ticketing system (www.irctc.co.in) can be cancelled online. However, now even the tickets bought at railway reservation counters can be cancelled online.  Read how to cancel railway tickets booked at reservation counter online on irctc.

When you cancel your train tickets online, two types of charges/deductions are made before refunding you remaining amount. These are 1. service charges levied by IRCTC and 2. deductions as per railway rules.

The amount deducted by Indian railway can be seen at: refund amount on railway cancellation, and it is as per existing railway rules. What remains to know is how much IRCTC charges on ticket cancellation.

 IRCTC Online Ticket cancellation charges

When chart is not prepared : Only applicable to Tickets with confirmed status

There are more than 48 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train

  • Rs. 240 for cancelling AC 1st Class/Executive Class ticket. 
  • Rs. 200 for cancelling AC 2 tier/ First Class train ticket.
  • Rs. 180 for cancelling AC 3 tier/ AC Chair Car/ AC 2 Economy Class reserved ticket.
  • Rs. 120 for cancelling Sleeper (SL) class ticket.
  • Rs. 060 for cancelling second class ticket
Cancellation done within 48 hrs and up to 12 hrs of train departure
  • Cancellation charges shall be minimum of 25% of the fare or cancellation charges mentioned above
Cancellation done within 12 hrs and up to 4 hrs of train departure
  • 50% of the fare paid subject to the minimum cancellation charges.
Also note that for a normal railway user, the e-ticket (a type of railway ticket which you usually book online on www.irctc.co.in) can be cancelled only before the train chart preparation which usually happens 4 hours before the scheduled departure of a train from the starting(source) station.

When train chart is already prepared :

If a chart is already prepared you have to file a TDR (Ticket Depository Receipt) online on IRCTC by going to services section on irctc.co.in and by choosing 'File TDR' under 'My Transactions' there in. 

IRCTC will forward the request to concerned railways and will refund your amount back to your account after making deductions as per Indian Railways rules and after applying cancellation charges.


1. No refund shall be granted in case confirmed ticket is cancelled when less than four hours is remaining for the scheduled departure of the train or you haven't file online TDR.

2. No refund shall be granted on the RAC or Wait listed ticket if you applied for cancellation when less than 30 minutes are remaining in scheduled departure of the train.

3. In case, on a party e-ticket or a family e-ticket issued for travel of more than one passenger, some passengers have confirmed reservation and others are on RAC or waiting list, full refund of fare, less clerkage (clerical charges), shall be admissible for confirmed passengers also subject to the condition that the ticket shall be cancelled online or online TDR shall be filed for all the passengers up to thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

4. You cannot cancel confirmed tatkal tickets. No refund is granted on cancellation such tickets. However, if you want to partially cancel some of the passengers on tatkal, it is possible. The irctc cancellation charges will be same as applicable to cancellation of confirmed ticket.

IRCTC : Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.
Tatkal : Scheme of Railway for which allows train ticket booking in reserved coaches 1 day before the train departure.
WL : Wait list
RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation (one of 14 pnr status codes of Indian Railways).

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