Those who are used to booking train tickets online must be aware of IRCTC quick pay option which allowed users to quickly make payment and complete ticket booking. Unfortunately, the option is no longer active these days, much to the disappointment of many regular railway users. This is done to comply with IRCTC norm to use OTP for all the transactions on it.

Good news is there are still alternatives that can be used for fast booking of train tickets online. Many of these are already explained in fast irctc booking tricks.

Two payment options we like most are:

IRCTC quick pay option

Booking tickets quickly is must if you want to get a confirm ticket. The process of booking on IRCTC online starts with user login and finish with making payment i.e. checkout. The steps involved are explained in great detail in this quick online train ticket booking guide.

Among all the steps, it is identified the last step i.e. the step where one makes payment is the most time consuming one. While a user doesn't mind and can spend much time in finding right train and checking seat availability status in different Indian Railway classes of travel (since it is necessary), it is the time taken to complete the payment transaction which most users cannot tolerate. This is why quick pay was such popular option among IRCTC users.

Just to show you how it worked, have a look at this video.

Ever since the option to "quick pay" has been disabled, the time of payment has increased by 2-3 times, and the bad thing is that the transaction is not possible without an OTP unlike other merchants where you have the option of disabling the OTP. Its mandatory to go through OTP in IRCTC transaction.

Most users want to make a quick pay to IRCTC after planning their journey to secure a confirm ticket. It is an experience of most users in India that due to long time taken during payment of rail tickets (that are booked online), the PNR status of their tickets gets changed from confirm to waiting list. And then they are forced to keep waiting until last moment for confirmation or use IRCTC cancellation (which is surprisingly quick) to cancel their tickets. Further worst scenario is in case of wait-listed tatkal tickets where, as per Indian Railway cancellation policy, no refund is provided upon cancellation of such tickets. Thus many railway users end up incurring losses.

Originally the concept of "quick pay" was introduced by individual banks in India. For example, the customers of SBI (State Bank of India) could book tickets directly from bank's site and payment was quickly done from their designated account to IRCTC. Not only they could pay quickly but also earned some redeemable loyalty points that could be converted to cash later on. Similarly ICICI bank, AXIS bank has such an option.

These days you have to make use of online wallets if you want to emulate IRCTC quick pay process. Using paytm for railway booking is one such option. There are some popular prepaid cards too which allows you to do very quick payment on IRCTC. Have a look at a recently launched IRCTC UBI prepaid card which is already quite popular among users who like faster ticket booking.. All you need to do is to keep your details and card number saved into the system, and when you book your tickets your card will be debited. 

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