Considered as the world largest plane - the "Antonov An-225 Mriya" has landed at Hyderabad airport today. This 84 meter long and 285000 Kg aircraft which first took first flight on December 21, 1988 and is also popularly known as 'dream' has broken as much as 109 records in aviation field has embraced the Indian shores for the first time since its inception.

Aviation industry is changing and upgrading across the globe. Aircraft making companies have evolved smartly and have bought changes in design, features, and looks of their planes as per requirements of future. Today we will tell you about the aircraft which has got the medal of the largest cargo plane in aviation world.

world largest aircraft Vs boeing 747
In comparison to An Maria 225, the boeing 747 looks like a toy plane

The name of the world's largest cargo plane is Antonov An 225 maria. Meaning of Maria is Dream (inspiration). At present it is standing at Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International airport, resting temporarily amidst its journey from Kiev (capital of Ukraine) to Australia. It is on its first assignment which involves delivering a generator. Aircraft will cover a distance of 15,880 km during its flight. It took off from source on Tuesday this week and will reach its destination on Sunday. Hyderabad is chosen as a midway stoppage. This is a positive development for Indian aviation sector after the launch of 24 hours airbus booking service in India, few months ago.

We recommend you to watch this interesting documentary which explore the features and functioning of Antonov An  225 Mriya is every possible way.

During the 1 month of its test flight, the aircraft is believed to have broken 109 world records. This 7 storey plane propels with 6 engines and 32 tyres. Although it is a cargo plane, it can seat 1500 passengers too together which is 3 times more than any passenger plane in the world right now.

Maria's length is 84 meter and is 18.1 meter high. The top speed of this aircraft is 850 km/h and it can lift up to the heights of 12000 meters. The fans of this huge huge aircraft is twice in diameter of that of Boeing 747. It can carry freight weighing 640 tons and can travel for 4000 km in one go.

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