How many railway apps have you downloaded thus far? There have been many, and while they are good mobile apps, the new rail saarthi app is all what you need. This is Indian Railways ultimate app.

Why we say that 'Rail Saarthi' is ultimate app? 

Well, there is a solid reason behind this claim. Thus far we used many different apps for carrying out different tasks related to railway. For example, the IRCTC rail connect app is used for online railway ticket booking and cancellation.

Similarly, if you wanted to check out seat availability, pnr status of your reservation, or even to know about availability of trains between various stations, you needed NTES (National Train Enquiry System) app.

This app can also be used for booking unreserved railway tickets too.

rail saarthi app
download rail saarthi app

Apart from official IRCTC and Indian Railway app, there are various third party apps that helps us get railway related information.

But with so many railway apps it becomes difficult to manage them. Many users of railway in India aren't that rich to afford mobile phones with big storage or the mobiles equipped with large RAM (random access memory) to simultaneously handle all these apps.

Hence there was a growing need of an all inclusive app. And this is what Rail Saarthi app is all about.

Using this single application, users can:

  • book railway platform ticket
  • book online railway tickets
  • do train enquiry
  • register complaint about cleanliness
  • order food and meals
  • do tour booking i.e. purchase travel package
  • Retiring room booking
and much more.

Before this app one was required to download at least 8 apps in order to complete all the railway tasks.

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