Forgetting login details, especially passwords is quite easy. Most e-commerce websites, especially IRCTC, have complex rules regarding passwords, and user tends to forget those complicated passwords.

Hence people asking "I have forgotten my IRCTC password", "I can't remember my password" is quite common. Those who travel frequently and hence tends to do train booking often, tends not to forget IRCTC password, but those who do online railway reservation once in a while forget their passwords almost every time they sit on their table to login on IRCTC next generation e-ticket booking system.

Method to Reset IRCTC forgot password

Please note that one can only reset the password to new password. Old IRCTC password cannot be retrieved.

The method explained here to make new password on IRCTC also works on android app of IRCTC (Indian Railway Tourism Corporation), known as "irctc rail connect".

First thing you need to do is to go to homepage of IRCTC. Now locate the login box.  Login box is where you usually provide username and password to sign-in to the site. Beneath this box you will see the 'Forgot Password?' option, as shown in picture below (see the green circle).

irctc home page

Use that option to reach the forgot password page. There the password retrieval system will ask you to enter user id. Enter your username as shown below, and click on proceed button.

irctc forgot password user id

Now you should be on a page that will ask you to answer the security question. You must know the answer as you entered it while doing registration on irctc. Provide the correct answer.

irctc security question answer

Once you submit the form you will be shown a message indicating that a new password is sent to your registered email address. You can use this password and your username to login to irctc.

It is advisable to change the default password to something you can easily remember. You can easily do this by accessing your account's profile page and providing new password.

What if I forget my IRCTC Security Answer? 

It is possible that many of you can't remember what the security answer is to the question which IRCTC asks. In this case, above explained method of retrieving forgotten password of IRCTC won't work. So now the question is  - Is there any way you can sign into IRCTC website now? Yes, you can still access '', but you have to use the alternate method to get the password.

See carefully the first picture on this page. Above the green circle, inside the login box, you will see an option named 'Request OTP'. If you check this option you will get an OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile. This password will work only once. But you can sign in easily.

Forgot Password of IRCTC Rail Connect App

For users using IRCTC app, remember that your password is same for both application as well as website There also you will find 'Forgot password' button to reset the password. But there is something else we want to tell you.

On rail connect app you can make easy to remember PIN. This is so small (4 digits only) that you shouldn't be forgetting it. But if you do forget the PIN too, here is a procedure to change irctc app pin and make new one.

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