Moscow: The first double decker train in India was introduced in year 2011 which traveled between Dhanbad and Howrah railway stations. After that many double storey trains have been started. Somehow they have failed to attract the railway users.

Picture below shows a typical double deck train in India.

double decker train india

The train above looks beautiful and a bit of luxury is expected inside. But this is not the case. The seats are congested, the galleries too compact, and seats are unbelievably uncomfortable. On top of it these trains are end to end train, without any stoppages, and this makes the journey even more uncomfortable.

Now if you are thinking that this problem exist in India only, then you are wrong. Most double decker trains of world have the same problem.

But there is one double decker train which is an exception to this. Recently a new train is started between Moscow and Saint Petersberg, which has marvelous interior design. Have look at the picture below.

russia train

You can already sense the difference between the trains. This train has space for 800 passengers and yet it is so spacious.

The galleries in this train are red carpeted.

red carpet inside train

The sleepers are very comfortable, and there are many power outlets to help users connect their devices to power. You can easily charge your mobile device or laptop.

comfortable seats

Train is environment friendly as it is equipped with energy saving bright LED lights. The windows too are energy saving windows, which prevents sunlight energy from dissipating.

led lights in train

The train is completely air conditioned, as you would expect, and wifi connectivity is provided by hotspots and routers.

The pantry car resembles a kitchen in  7 star hotel.

pantry car

Apart from the first picture, all the pics were shot by the russian photographer Damitri and were published in a russian website "".

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