The track to built VIP executive lounges at 50 A1 grade railway stations in India has been cleared. This has happened after signing up of new contract between Ministry of Railways and Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. Making of executive lounges will start from next month onward.

Note that the passengers of  India's first privately owned train will be able to use these lounges free of cost.

It was during the railway budget of 2012-13 that the railway minister announced making VIP lounges available to railway travelers with objective of providing world class facilities.

inside view of IRCTC executive lounge

The matter than got stuck at different levels. In particular, the land could not be made available to IRCTC for lounge making. In between all this the railway authorities at Bhopal (MP) even decided to took alternative route and started talks with banks for the making, management and operation of lounges. But after the recent discussions and contract thereafter it is clear that IRCTC will lead the operation of the project.

At Bhopal railway station the lounge will be fabricated on platform number 1 near food plaza. Interestingly, in order to provide enough space the old Railway Mail Service (RMS) office will be vacated. This will provide space equal to 5000 square ft which on which building of executive lounge will be built.

These lounges will have 4 AC rooms too. Passengers can relax and enjoy refreshments. Long distance travelers and those who want to break journey or those who wait for the link train to continue their journey later will be benefited most.

Inside the lounge the passengers who book their tickets in group will be provided facility to conduct round table conference. The round table, chairs, lunch, dinner, and other facilities will be provided to the customers at a specific rate. After start of the facility businessmen can do meetings and at station itself and save precious time.

Other facilities that IRCTC lounge will hold are:

  • Display screens for latest railway information.
  • Food court in which breakfast, tea, and cold drinks will be available round the clock.
  • WiFi internet, television, newspapers in multiple languages, and FM radio facility.
  • Meal on order facility. The charges will be based on hotel rate.
It is clear that once lounges start functioning it will add to the comfort and services of the railway users in a big way.

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