Just after a week of launch of India's first fully privately owned train, Indian Railway is all set to handover 150 more trains to private operators.

As per news in leading newspapers of India, the decision was taken after several rounds of talks between rail minister and 'niti aayog' (planning commission). Not only 150 trains but 50 railway stations are also going to be handed over to private companies.

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Recently Tejas Express train was handed over to IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) in order to improve facilities.

To work out details of how the handover is going to be done a task force of empowered group is also formed at a secretary level. This was disclosed by a letter written by Amitabh Kant (CEO Planning Commission of India) to current chairman of railway board VK Yadav. 

In letter it is mentioned that after discussions with railway minister it is decided that in first phase of the project the operations of 150 trains is to be given to private operators. These trains will become example for other trains being run by Indian Railways in India.

Meeting also included secretary of economic affairs department, secretary of ministry of housing and urban affairs, members of railway board, members of railway engineering board and traffic.

This seems to be a bit of brave decision by railway ministry as reports of protest by railway employees against privatisation  of Indian Railway has surfaced in recent times. Indian railway is 8th largest employer in world with over 1.4 millions people on job.

Currently Indian railways runs 20000 passenger trains daily which runs through more than 7349 railway stations. It will be interesting to see how much percentage of these trains and railway stations, Indian railway is willing to let go into private hands.

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