As per news in eonomic times, IRCTC has invited US president Barack Obama to travel to Agra by their luxury train - the Maharaja Express, who is visiting India to join the republic day celebrations as a chief guest. The lavishly painted maroon and gold tourist train is well known among its past guests as the one with royalty-style furnished suites, dining halls, well equipped bars and recreational areas, a conference hall, business centre and Wi-Fi connectivity. Those who haven't seen it and want to experience the royal journey, can login to irctc tourism site and do booking of maharaja express online.

update - The president's tour to Agra is cancelled due to security reasons.

maharaja express train exterior
the maharaja express is waiting to host US president & family

Needless to say that if president do accept the invitation, he will not be required to do any ticket booking, even though it takes only 3 simple steps to do railway ticket booking in India, and anyone can do it online. But it will be really interesting if IRCTC, the online ticketing provider of railway, do dare to become strict and makes it mandatory, even for the most powerful president in the world, to travel by buying ticket, either online or offline. Those who are reading this must be thinking as to why we are so hell bent for Obama to do reservation for his agra trip by train? The reasons are mentioned below.

It has been mighty difficult, at times most  times, for a  normal men to do railway reservation. The site - '' which is used for doing railway reservation is well known for its notorious behavior. Many a mentally balanced people have gone mad after using it. One doesn't know how it behaves. Sometimes it just doesn't open, other times it shuts down just at the right wrong time, leaving the user in a hell, that can't be defined in words. True that it (railway reservation website) has improved a lot, and it is now known as 'next generation eTicket booking website', but still it tends to logout automatically and sometimes money is debited from bank account without a ticket being booked. Luckily we have found the solution to irctc automatic logout problem, but still there are some unsolved problems that continues to torture the users.

If Mr. Barack Obama do accept the invitation, and if he is somehow required to sit at computer and to ticket booking on irctc, it will solve many problems. Either the professionals at CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems), organization who has developed '' and other railway sites, will look at their creation and make it problem free even before the president has used it. If they don't do it, which is likely given how they have worked so far, and $3000 is debited from Obama's bank account and his Maharaja Express railway ticket is bot booked, the site will be surely forced down by US authorities. This means all the users will get a brand new, smoothly working, website of booking tickets of train. We all know United States of America is mighty powerful, and they can do it.

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