Are you getting logged out automatically from IRCTC website? If yes, the the solution given below will help you to keep logged in and continue the ticket booking process.

Update: The solution works only if you are booking tickets after 12 pm and before 8 am. To discourage online multiple ticket purchase by touts, the Indian Railways has decided to restrict its e-ticketing service for booking only one ticket per user login session between 0800 and 1200 hours.

"The ministry of railways has decided that in case of e—ticketing, there will be a restriction of only one booking in one user login session," the railways said in a statement. Multiple IRCTC logins are not allowed
The site, ever since it has been upgraded/ changed to next generation site, is infected by a strange problem where a user session gets terminated automatically and a user is left frustrated as he needs to login or singn in again in order to complete the ticket booking, which is what irctc site is used for by many users. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to redo everything from start when it comes to booking tickets online. This is true even though the irctc has introduced the 'resume failed transaction' option lately. Actually many times user gets logged out even before a seat is booked, so he never reaches the payment stage, and hence there is no way one can resume the transaction. So, how to solve this problem and prevent the site from making a user logout automatically?

irctc logging out automatically

The answer is not that complicated. Strange it may sound, if you are facing the logout issue, you just have to clear the browser cache and cookies, and your problem is solved forever.

Now you may not know how to do this. The examples are given below and you can follow them depending upon the browser you are using to surf the internet. It is recommended that you follow the example in which the browser you use to access the site is mentioned.

Google Chrome - In this browser, go to settings in browser menu. Then use the 'show advanced options' link. Doing so will show you the 'Clear browsing data' option. Use it to clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Internet Explorer - In IE use menu to go to 'internet options'. This will open a popup window with many tabs. Choose 'general' tab, if not already selected. Now see carefully. You will find ''browsing history' section. Click on 'delete' button. It will delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved password, and web form information.

Mozilla Firefox - In firefox go to 'firefox menu' and select 'options'. Again select 'options'. No in a settings window that opens, select 'Advanced' tab. Go to 'network' tab. You should see 'cache web content' section. There are couple of 'clear now' buttons. Use them to clear web content cache.

By taking steps mentioned above you should now be able to use the site as you do normally and the problem of signing out automatically should disappear and not occur in future.

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