In order to give everyone a fair chance of booking railway ticket online, Indian Railways board has taken a decision to limit the maximum number of tickets that can be booked online between 0800 hrs and 1200 hrs. Now only 1 ticket can be booked per user session during this period.

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If people try to access the reservation system through multiple login's, then they will be automatically logged out from the site and their session will be terminated. Some users might find that even outside this time period they are being logged out of the IRCTC. The solution to this problem is given here.

The restriction on number of tickets booked online will be applicable to agents too. However, it will exclude bookings made for Defence Forces under a prior warrant to do so.

Many agents and travel agencies are known book tickets in advance which leaves very few tickets available to general public for booking. This is particularly a problem during peak season. Summer holidays and festival period also see big rush of passengers and complaints about not enough seats available for reservation is common.

Railway has taken various steps from time to time to solve the issue of seat availability. This includes running of special trains, increasing train capacity, and even reducing advance reservation period to 90 days (which is now increased back to 120 days) after announcements made in railway budget.

Restricting the number of online tickets that can be booked may not prove to be a popular decision among the customer of railways. But it is a hard decision and the one that will benefit customers in long run, and more and more people will get a fairer chance of getting a confirmed reserved seat in train. Hopefully due to this step taken by railway, more and more people will see confirmed when they check the PNR status in future.

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